231 Animal Pun Cartoons

All these cartoons are wild (except for the domesticated ones).

In this pun on the exclamation HOLY COW!, we see a holy cow, which is a cow who is a saint.
For the glory of all things divine and bovine
In this pun on Rasputin, powerful mystic and self-proclaimed holy man from Imperial Russia, we see the much less impressive Ratsputin, who is just Rasputin as a rat.
Known for such evil acts as undue influence on Russian czars and scurrying across crowded sidewalks
In this pun on Chicago, we see Chickago, a land where chickens root for The Cubs and nosh on deep dish pizza.
#asininechickenpuns across America
In this comparison cartoon, we see hypotension, low blood pressure that could cause dizziness, next to hippo tension- two hippos awkwardly running into each other months after one fired the other.
Medical terminology, explained
In this pun on Smokey the Bear, beloved mascot of preventing forest fires, we see Smokey the Bare, which is a bear without pants (thankfully, there is a censor bar to prevent us from seeing all the fur he has!)
Sorry to be so vulgar
In this pun on horse-drawn carriage, we see a horse drawing a picture of a carriage, which is surprisingly good considering the horse does not have. opposable thumbs or fingers in general.
Thank goodness these are banned from midtown!
In this pun on the food poached chicken, we see a chicken employee of the AT&T cell phone store getting poached by a Verizon recruiter (also a chicken) who is offering $18/hour pay AND health insurance.
Obviously I’m trying to get a sponsorship from the Big Chicken lobby.
In this pun on the delicious Jamaican food dish jerk chicken, we see a mean chicken with an "I'm with stupid" shirt being a real jerk to another chicken. The jerk points and laughs at the other and says, "Do you need a license to be that ugly?"
Apparently all I care about now is chicken puns.
In this pun on the idiom "It's a dog eat dog world," we see a dog eating a 'dog (a hotdog, that is.)
Don’t worry, this hot dog doesn’t actually contain dog meat. Just horse meat (JK! It’s not from IKEA! #toosoon)
In this pun on chicken coop, we see a chicken shopping in a grocery store. The chicken employee tells him, "It's actually pronounced co-op."
Save me from myself. #🐓