236 Animal Pun Cartoons

All these cartoons are wild (except for the domesticated ones).

In this comparison cartoon, we see an angler fish, one of the ocean's most frightening creatures, next to a trianglar fish, which is a pointier and less scary version.
Marine biology, explained
In this play on the fact that it is hard to draw horses, we see a horse struggling to draw a person.
Needless to say, my cover art submission for Misty of Chincoteague was respectfully declined.
In this pun on party fowl, we see some fowl (a pheasant, turkey, and chicken)  at a party, which, because of my life experience, is a children's birthday party.
Well, the first thing I think of when I think of “party” is a 4-year-old birthday party, and if that isn’t a “How My 2018 Was” reflection, I don’t know what is.
In this pun on computer mouse, we see a mouse from the Geek Squad who is clearly not working.
Technical difficulties
In this pun on the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, we see a tortoise checking out her hair in the mirror.
Forget slow and steady, it’s all about glamour.
In this pun on navy seal, we see a seal who is colored in navy blue.
The most elite ball-balancers
In this pun on camouflage, we see camelflauge, which is of course a camel in cam colors.
Wait, where did that dang camel go?
We see some chickens living in pax (peace)
Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with poultry.
In this pun on Jeopardy, we have Leopardy, which, of course, is jeopardy where the contestants are leopards and the questions are all about leopards.
Hopefully the contestant interviews would be just as awkward as they are on the human version.
In this pun on cat call, we have a cat on the phone, calling a friend. The conversation, of course, is exclusively meows.
The only good kind of cat call (if you consider listening to incessant meowing on the telephone “good”).