231 Animal Pun Cartoons

All these cartoons are wild (except for the domesticated ones).

We see some Paw Patrol characters that didn't make the cut: Sugar the Poodle barista, Iris the shih tzu CPA, Red. the Bloodhound phlebotomist, and P.H. Dee Dee, the pug perpetual grad student.
Though I would definitely watch this version of Paw Patrol
In this pun on the cartoon Yogi Bear, we see a bear doing yoga.
More half pigeons, less pic-i-nic baskets
'Twas nowhere near the night before Christmas, so all the mice are sitting at their mixing bowls and stirring.
It finally feels like spring, so obviously the only thing I can think of is Christmas.
In this pun on therapy dog, a dog therapist engages with its client and asks, "Tell me about your pupp.. er... I mean childhood."
Some therapy dogs cuddle, others employ techniques they learned in Freudian analysis institute.
In this pun of tourist trap, we see a taurus (bull) family posing in front of a tacky statue of the world's largest matador.
“This tourist trap is bull.”
In this pun on 100% beef franks (aka hotdogs) , we see three cows, who are, as most cows are, 100% beef, and all their names just happen to be Frank!
My favorite part of baseball games (being surrounded by cows that all have the same name)
In this pun on cold turkey, we see a turkey who, despite being quite bundled up, is very cold.
Life hack: Wearing pants makes you warmer!
In this pun of Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities, we see two kitties.
This book would probably have less knitting and more yarn free-play.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a mountain goat next to a valley goat (which is a goat that dresses and talks like a valley girl, doy!)
You goat, girl!
We see some hypothetical situations about hippos: If I were a hippo... If my best friend were a hippo... If you gave a hippo a cookie... If a hippo fell in the forest and no one heard...
Hippos: the only subject matter that has me happily struggling to use the subjunctive