233 Animal Pun Cartoons

All these cartoons are wild (except for the domesticated ones).

In this pun on the fantasy chess match that never happened - grandmaster Garry Kasparov vs GM Bobby Fischer - we see a match between Fisher (as a fish) and Catsparov (as a cat). The interspecies history definitely adds some tension.
If you’re going to be imagining a chess match that never happened, you might as well give yourself some creative license on their species.
In this pun on the goose that laid the golden egg, we see a Canada goose (aka Canadian goose) lay a golden egg and think "Oh, you wanted cash, eh? Sorry aboot that!"
Happy Canada Day! (Also I learned through reading many great internet debates that the species is Canada Goose, whereas a Canadian goose is just any goose that happens to deal in loonies and toonies. #themoreyouknow)
In this pun on the phrase chick magnet, we see a magnet attached to a fluffy baby chicken.
Any device that attracts baby chickens is a great device in my book. #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on octopi, we see an octopus in the shape of the Greek letter/ famed math symbol, pi.
Octopi r squared… when they shove themselves in a cube shaped container.
In this pun on owls that have similar names, we see a barn owl, a barred owl, and a bard owl (an owl that looks like a Shakespearean era poet)
Owl taxonomy, explained
In this comparison cartoon, we see an electric eel next to a gas-powered eel (an eel being filled up with gasoline from a pumping station)
Feeling nostalgic for the days of hand-cranked eels
In this pun on surgeon and the fish sturgeon, we see a fish patient in the operating room. The doctor, who is a sturgeon, says to the fish patient, "I will be performing your sturgery."
Coincidentally, this is the only medical care my insurance covers.
In this pun on the fish the red snapper, we see a red snapper fish with human arms who is, of course, snapping his fingers.
Some people prefer their fish fried or steamed. I prefer mine with an innate mastery of body percussion.
In this pun on posthumous publication, we see Emily Dickinson sitting at her publisher's desk. Her publisher is a possum, which is why she is being published possumously.
Even if it's a book deal offered by a possum, it's still a book deal!
In this pun on thoroughbred horse, we see a thorough bread horse, which is a horse who has a very thorough knowledge and collection of breads.
I would bet on this horse (to explain the difference between brioche and challah).