233 Animal Pun Cartoons

All these cartoons are wild (except for the domesticated ones).

In this asinine chicken pun based on the Renaissance, we see the Henaissance, which is just two chickens dressed in Renaissance attire.
While the Renaissance was intellectually based on Humanism, the Henaissance was, of course, based on Chickenism. #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on the idea that pigeons are the rats of the sky, we see the gym rats of the sky - two pigeons getting swole using fitness equipment.
A great way to burn those calories from that bagel you ate off the street that was twice your body weight!
Two biologist peer through the bush at an animal in its natural habitat - the wild bore, a boring guy who entraps animals with his mundane stories.
This was my favorite character in The Lion King (the guy who retells every episode of Succession in excruciating detail to Simba).
In this play on the reality show Kitchen Nightmares, a kitten dreams that Gordon Ramsay is calling his cat food disgusting, foul, and inedible.
If you watch too many episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay haunts your dreams. This is not helpful if you are a creature who is constantly napping.
In this accounting pun, an accountant sheep reads a child a bedtime story from the 2021 accounting ledger. The sheep is in the middle of a thrilling tale, as she reads "But the transaction wasn't an asset... it was a liability!"
My favorite bedtime story is Goldilocks and the Three Balance Sheets.
Two dogs give each other a fist bump.
For when "shake" is too formal
In this pun on papal bull, a bull is dressed as the pope.
Holy cow!
One beaver asks another beaver, who is building a dam, "Hey! Can I have that?"
But if you join the beaver's patreon, he WILL give you exclusive behind-the-scenes videos of how to pick out the perfect stick.
A bobcat, next to a cat with a bob hairdo.
I learned a valuable lesson from this drawing: that cats would look much more fashionable if they just wore wigs.
In this pun on Edgar Degas, we see his painting Green Dancer, but all the ballerinas are dogs.
They are probably warming up for a performance of "The Muttcracker."