68 Bird Pun Cartoons

These cartoons are for the birds.

In this pun on bald eagle, we see an eagle trying on wigs at a wig shop.
Frightened pigeons yell "Coup! Coup!"
A snapshot from (recent) history
In this pun on the 90's jam band Counting Crows, two crow accountants make calculations about nest eggs.
I've been hangin' around/this H&R Block on the corner
In this pun on a fried chicken drumstick, a chicken plays drums in a rock and roll band, called Bok n Roll.
I love bok n roll! #asininechickenpuns
A wise chicken in a turtleneck and tweed jacket advises, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch," in this classic chicken nugget of wisdom.
My go-to fast food order #asininechickenpuns
Two chickens play in the snow in a winter wonderland next to their chicken snowman. They are, indeed, no spring chickens.
Oh no! It's another weekend of asinine chicken puns!
In this pun on keynote speaker, a turkey gives a Ted Talk in front of a word cloud.
Give thanks, but also, give motivational speeches for a high fee.
A guy in a Yolo shirt and a No Regrets hat says, "I will try anything! Whoa, except for hanging out with this bird." The egret next to him looks upset.
#noregrets #noregrets
In this pun on rock pigeon, we see a rock-n-roll pigeon with a mohawk giving the "ROCK ON!" sign.
No bird is as coo...l. [Important backstory to this a cartoon: A regular pigeon is also known as a rock pigeon. You know it's a good joke when you have to explain it!]
In this pun on baseball term "fowl ball," we see a fowl ball - i.e. a social dance ala Pride and Prejudice where all the dancers are chickens.
Forget baseball, I want to watch chickens social dance. #asininechickenpuns