17 Cow Pun Cartoons

Some cartoons to look at while you digest food in one of your many stomachs.

In this pun on bull fighting, we see two bulls in an argument - one blames the other saying "This is all YOUR fault!" The other fumes.
A thrilling spectator sport
In this pun on the exclamation HOLY COW!, we see a holy cow, which is a cow who is a saint.
For the glory of all things divine and bovine
In this pun on cattle call, we see two cows on the phone.
Talking til the cows come home
A misguided couple invited their neighbors, the Johnsons, to a BBQ where they are grilling burgers. Unfortunately, the Johnsons are cows.
4th of July is best celebrated with inclusivity and hopefully not eating close relatives of your guests.
In this pun of tourist trap, we see a taurus (bull) family posing in front of a tacky statue of the world's largest matador.
“This tourist trap is bull.”
In this pun on 100% beef franks (aka hotdogs) , we see three cows, who are, as most cows are, 100% beef, and all their names just happen to be Frank!
My favorite part of baseball games (being surrounded by cows that all have the same name)
In this comparison cartoon, we see a person with botox next to a boat with an ox in it.
Both unnatural phenomena