17 Dance Pun Cartoons

Dance like nobody's looking, look at cartoons like nobody's dancing.

In this pun on Dante's Inferno, we see Dante's disco inferno, which is just Dante in bellbottoms dancing it up under a disco ball.
I guess they probably don’t play “Stayin’ Alive” there.
In this pun on salsa dancing, we see two salsa dancers, who, of course, are just jars of salsa (one picante, one "hot and chunky") doing some thrilling dance moves.
Finding inspiration in the most exhilarating things happening in my life (upgrading from mild to medium salsa #thrillingtalesfromquarentine)
In this pun on ballet, we see a sheep in a tutu dancing ballet, which, when dancing by a sheep, is obviously called Baaaallet.
Can’t wait to get tickets to Rameo and Eweliet.
In this pun on the Fortnite dance craze of flossing, we see a pediatric dentist asking her kid patient how often he flosses, and he says, while doing the flossing dance atop the dental chair, "EVERYDAY!"
Scene from what I imagine every pediatric dentist office has been like since the advent of Fortnite
In this pun on the hit song/dance craze The Electric Slide, we see an electric slide, which is a playground slide that shocks kids as they go down it.
Boogie woogie woogie
In this pun on dance the night away, we see someone dancing the knight away. Their cool disco moves are making the nearby knight uncomfortable to the point where he leaves.
The solution to every problem is disco.
In this pun on different dances, we see a sink tap dancing (tap dancing), a spool of ribbon dancing (ribbon dancing), and two squares dancing (square dancing).
Dances, explained