17 Dance Pun Cartoons

Dance like nobody's looking, look at cartoons like nobody's dancing.

In this pun on shake that ass girl, we see a girl holding a donkey over her head and giving him a shake. He does not look pleased. I don't know why some people find this so attractive.
Shake ya ass, but watch yourself. #nsfw
In this pun on classic chip dip, Bean dip, we see two dancing beans mid-dip.
A dance move appropriate while dancing to Salsa or Guac-n-Roll
A multi-layer club sandwich parties at a club with a disco ball and an apathetic DJ in this pun on "Club Sandwich."
He’s probably dancing to LMFAO (lettuce, Mayo, fish, avocado, onion).
In this pun on Henri Matisse, we see his painting "The Dance," but all the dancers are cats.
The green lump in this picture is probably the cats' owner's sleeping body.
In this pun on rocket science, we see three Rockettes, can-can dancing in lab coats while holding beakers.
They get a kick out of science!
A rotary telephone tap dances.
I know the more accepted term is "Wire Tapper," but it was too hard to find tap shoes small enough for a wire.
In this pun on the musical number The Cell Block Tango from the play Chicago, a cell tango dances with a block.
I'm not totally sure how this advanced the plot of the musical "Chicago"...
In this pun on work study, a person reads the instructional manual "Gyrating for Dummies" and twerks.
A great way to fund your education in the works of Shake-speare
In this pun on baseball term "fowl ball," we see a fowl ball - i.e. a social dance ala Pride and Prejudice where all the dancers are chickens.
Forget baseball, I want to watch chickens social dance. #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on "yes you can," we see a giant can of Campbell's chicken soup asking a gal to dance. The can says, "May I have this dance?" The gal says, "Yes, you can!"
How most of my conversations with cans go