33 Fine Art Pun Cartoons

Fine art is just fine. These cartoons are great.

A pun of Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss," but the kissing lovers are geese.
Goostav Kilmt captures a romantic peck on the beak.

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A pun of Georges Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, but all the people in the park are cats.
Caturday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Chat

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A pun of Keith Haring, except instead of the iconic man outlines, they are outlines of herring fish.
Something's fishy about this art.
In this play on Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper, Jesus and some of his disciples eat the last breakfast, which, despite it being Passover, appears to be bagels and schmear.
Hoping this will be the subject of the next DaVinci Code sequel.
In this pun of Munch's famous painting The Scream, the titular screamer yells in horror while looking at a bagel with pink cream cheese - they have been given strawberry cream cheese, not lox spread!
There's nothing scarier than getting the wrong cream cheese.
In this pun of Son of Man--Magritte's iconic painting of a man with an apple in front of his face--a man's face is obstructed by an onion bagel.
This isn't THAT surreal -- I almost always have a bagel in front of my face.
In this pun on Vincent Van Gogh, we see his self portrait, but instead of being a man, he is a goat (with one ear, of course).
Vincent Van Goat probably ate his ear after he cut it off.
In this pun on Frida Kahlo, we see her painting "Two Fridas," but each Frida is, of course, a duck.
I wish more ducks had unibrows.
In this pun on Pablo Picasso, we see his painting "The Dream," but the woman is a pig.
Forget pearls before swine, just put the pearls on the swine.
In this pun on Henri Matisse, we see his painting "The Dance," but all the dancers are cats.
The green lump in this picture is probably the cats' owner's sleeping body.