65 Food Pun Cartoons

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Looking at these cartoons are (mostly) guaranteed not to make your stomach hurt if you look at too many.

A very muscle forward group of foods (a bagel, a strawberry, and a pizza), demonstrating that while Whole Foods may be the grocery store with healthy options, nothing beats Swole Foods.
The healthiest kind of food
In this pun on cow tipping, a cow tips a barista at a coffee shop.
Tip servers, not cows (unless they are also servers, in which case you should)
A smiling radish wears a graduation cap and holds a diploma!
Fresh and ready to face anything the world (or salad) tosses at them!
In this comparison cartoon, we see a pure bred shih tzu next to pure bread - a.k.a. a loaf of bread
Public service announcement
Some lemons revel at the bar while a lemon bartender serves drinks.
My favorite kind of bar!
Four Pokemon characters who are all ingredients from poke bowls - Toonafin the Tuna, Gingee the ginger root, Avo the Avocado, and the ScalPals, a group of scallions.
Gotta catch (and freshly prepare) 'em all!
A wise chicken in a turtleneck and tweed jacket advises, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch," in this classic chicken nugget of wisdom.
My go-to fast food order #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on tarot cards, we see the traditional cards, but the main icons are replaced by different preparations of taro - taro root, leaves, bubble tea, puree, taro balls, and chips.
In trying to find hope for the future, I have turned to the supernatural, and all I have gleaned is that it contains chips.
Three pastries - a croissant, a cinnamon bun, and a mille feuille--bake some delicious food!
I only eat food made by croissants.
In this pun on smoked fish (my favorite of which is, of course, lox), we see a woman smoking a fish like someone would smoke a cigarette. Note: Smoking anything is not a great idea, especially a live fish.
Screw the sturgeon general's warning!