15 Halloween Pun Cartoons

Witch cartoon will you like the most?

In this mashup of Benjamin Franklin and Frankenstein, we see a Frankenstein-esque version of Ben Franklin flying a kite.
I know, I know, it’s really Benjamin Franklinstein’s monster.
In this pun on witchcraft, we see a witch at a craft fair selling her homemade crafts (Brumhilda's homemade witch hats).
Another compelling reason to become a witch
In this play on the Salem Witch Trials, we see the Salem Witch clinical trials- two witch scientists celebrating the end of the study in which some participants got placebos, and some got real potions. They address the participants - a man and two frogs.
Yes, all curses have to be FDA approved these days.
The Crypt Keeper from "Tales of the Crypt" sits on a throne bedazzled with the logos of various crypto companies (including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bytecoin, Ethereum) and tells a very spooky tale - "And the next morning... the Dogecoin was down... 80%!"
The scariest tale of all.
In this pun on the Halloween hit The Monster Mash, we see three monsters (The Blob, a vampire, and Frankenstein's monster)  playing the childhood game, MASH.
I got: live in a shack in Transylvania with my partner the Loch Ness Monster. We have 40,000 kids and I work as a tax auditor. What did you get?
A witch with a PhD in classical studies talks to a friend.
I told the witch doctor I was in love with you, and she said "Amo Amas Amat Amamus Amatis Amant."
In this play on Galapagos Islands being the location where Darwin observed evolution, we see some ghosts who have evolved in different spooky ways on Galapaghost Island.
A new study brought to you by Ghost Darwin
In this pun on the Bride of Frankenstein - with a nod to the college admissions scandal.- we see the bribe of Frankenstein, which is just Dr. Frankenstein bribing the sailing team coach to get recruited for USC.
When your science fair project of reanimating the dead isn’t quite enough to make you stand out in the crowd
In this pun on the Erie Canal, we see an eerie canal, which is a very spooky canal surrounded by scary trees, ghosts, and skeletons, and upon which the grim reaper rides down on a boat.
I’ve got a ghost and her name is Sal/Fifteen miles on the Eerie Canal
In this pun on Frankenstein's monster, we see Frankenstein's muenster, a semi-soft cheese that Dr. Frankenstein and Igor seem thrilled to have brought alive... with flavor.
Another triumph for the semi-soft sciences