15 Halloween Pun Cartoons

Witch cartoon will you like the most?

In this pun on werewolf, we see the unawarewolf, a woman who turns into a wolf but is completely oblivious to the change.
If I had to be a monster, I’d probably pick this.
We see the (ex) bride of Frankenstein with her new beau, Dracula, running into her ex, Frankenstein. Pretty awkward.
An important PSA as to why we should never name anyone “The Bride of _____.”
A woman sidles up next to a jack-o-lantern, and it is clear she's not dating him for his brains, because pumpkins don't have brains.
Yes, I drew this solely based on the asinine premise that jack-o-lanterns are hollow. Happy (pre) Halloween!
A man introduces his kid to his new girlfriend, who he met on a ghost tour. She is a ghost.
I guess it’s not specified that your soul mate has to have a live body for that soul to reside in...
In this pun on the meaning of "pumpkin patch," we see a tough guy biker wearing a leather jacket covered in hard-core patches (like skulls) - but one of the patches is a pumpkin.
Even tough guys like to get in the fall spirit.