16 Horse Pun Cartoons

Say "Yay!" to "Neigh!"

In this pun on horse-drawn carriage, we see a horse drawing a picture of a carriage, which is surprisingly good considering the horse does not have. opposable thumbs or fingers in general.
Thank goodness these are banned from midtown!
In this pun on hobby horse, we see four horses with hobbies: writing Game of Thrones fan fiction, playing piano, making balloon animals, and knitting.
Everyone needs a hobby!
In this pun on hold your hoses, we see someone embrace her horse.
Keep your friends close and yours horses closer.
In this mash up of the Kentucky Derby horse race and roller derby, we see distraught jockeys riding distraught horses who are wearing rollerskates.
I would definitely wear a funny hat and watch this.
In this play on the fact that it is hard to draw horses, we see a horse struggling to draw a person.
Needless to say, my cover art submission for Misty of Chincoteague was respectfully declined.
In this play on the asinine moment when Trump claimed he was a stable genius, we see that he actually meant he was a genius stable, as he houses horses underneath him.
That makes a lot more sense.