16 Horse Pun Cartoons

Say "Yay!" to "Neigh!"

In this pun on keeping your hair in a pony tail, we see a person with long hair lying on a pony's back with her hair in its tail.
How I’ve been dealing with my hair during quarantine
In this pun on "Back in the Saddle," we see someone riding a horse with their back in the saddle. Obviously, this is not the safest way to do this, but she doesn't know any better.
Finally, a sport you can do lying down!
In this pun on the bad dreams nightmares, we see the Night Mare, a horse cozily celebrating nighttime by snuggling up in bed with a classic book, Misty of Chincoteague.
Not sure why people aren't more into these
In this pun on bridal party, we see a bridle party: a party for horses where they have to wear bridles. One guest says to another: "The dress code initially confused me, but I'm loving this headgear!"
Apparently, most weddings have events where horses in headgear get to schmooze.
In this pun on the phrase one trick pony, we see a contract bridge group holding their cards. One player asks her partner (who is a pony), "What is your bid?" The pony looks a bit distressed, because we can assume he can only make one trick.
There is no horsing around when you’re bidding in bridge! (Dedicated to my former bridge group, Team Cheatnasium vs Team Vulture)
In this pun on thoroughbred horse, we see a thorough bread horse, which is a horse who has a very thorough knowledge and collection of breads.
I would bet on this horse (to explain the difference between brioche and challah).
In this pun, we see the Statue of Liberty, holding a horse brush and a copy of Black Beauty, perched atop a horse stable.
Let's just defund the country and rebuild as a profitable livery stall where people pay us to board their horses. (Obviously, it'll be called The United States of A-Mare-Ica.)
In this pun on rocking horse, we see a rockin' horse playing the drums in a rock band.
So that’s what a wild horse is.
In this pun on the swimming pool command, "No horse play!" we see a bunch of horses in costume on a stage - presumably staging a Shakespeare play - when the stage manager alerts them, "Sorry folks, we've gotta shut it down." There will be no horse play.
It’s probably for the best the producers pulled out of this one.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a horse girl (a girl who loves everything about horses) in front of horse posters reading Black Beauty, next to a Girl horse, which is a horse that loves girls - who is reading Harriet the Spy.
Dedicated to all the girls who love horses and the horses who love girls