17 Money Pun Cartoons

Mo' money, mo' problems. Mo' cartoons, less problems.

We see a five dollar bill talking about its excitement over a new brand of laundry detergent.
Last week, I got trapped in conversation with a One that would not stop rambling about the intricacies of tax law.
In this pun on the coffee chain Starbucks, we see literal star bucks - bills featuring star-puns of the people featured on them: a 5 with Milky Waybraham Lincoln, a 10 with Galax-ander Hamilton, and a 100 with Big Bang-jamin Franklin.
Despite the vastness of the universe and the abundance of organisms (at least on our planet), I still think the intergalactic counsel will agree that these (mostly non-) presidents from the US should represent us on currency.
In this pun on free spirit, we see a person trying to give a ghost some cash. The ghost refuses, saying, "Actually, I don't charge for my haunting services!" It's a free spirit.
A great no-cost holiday gift idea!
In this pun on chicken stock, we see a chicken stock broker in front of his chart of the DOW, on the phone exclaiming "The corn IPO was a success! We're going to make a million boks!"
I put all my money in chicken stock, but it just got wet (and more flavorful). #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on cryptocurrency, we see different coins mixed with different cryptids: Big Coin (Bitcoin + Big Foot), Loch Nesstherium (Etherium + Loch Ness Monster), Monstero (Monero + Moth Man Monster), and Chupacardano (Cardano + Chupacabra).
Try kraken this code!
In this pun on the chess term checkmate, we see a person with their buddy, their pal, their mate - a giant anthropomorphic check.
Who needs chess when you can be friends with a giant check?
In this pun on the phrase "It all makes sense," we see "It all makes cents," which is of course some nickels, quarters, dimes, and pennies, which, together, make more than a few cents.
“Be the change you wish to receive from the cashier.”
In this pun on tax bracket, we see a sports bracket (like a March madness basketball bracket) with different types of taxes (including income, estate, and property) pitted against each other. It is, of course, entitled April Madness.
Forget "nothing but net," this is nothing by net profit margin. #AreYouIntoIt #ImIntuit
In this pun on student loans. a person asks if she can borrow a student for an afternoon.
I borrowed an AP Latin student over a decade ago, and I'm still dealing with the consequences.
In this pun on Roth IRA, a moth gives financial planning tips to a caterpillar about investing his money for the future.
Financial planning for a 10 month lifespan is about my capability right now.