17 Money Pun Cartoons

Mo' money, mo' problems. Mo' cartoons, less problems.

In this pun on the 90's jam band Counting Crows, two crow accountants make calculations about nest eggs.
I've been hangin' around/this H&R Block on the corner
In this pun on rain check, we see one rain cloud handing another a check.
I prefer rain cash, but this will do.
In this pun on "I tip my hat to you," we see a coffee shop customer tipping her server by leaving a sunhat in the tip jar. The server says, "That's not particularly helpful."
Useful advice: Only leave your hat in a tip jar if it is full of money or if it can be sold on eBay for thousands of dollars.
In this pun on the stock market, we see a supermarket that just sells stocks (broths, soups, etc).
Everyone seems overly concerned about the broth store today.
In this pun on hedge fund, a woman holds a bag of money and dreams about how she will spend it on a beautiful garden hedge.
Wouldn't it be great to live in a world where one of the most profitable jobs was working towards making other people's gardening dreams come true?
In this pun a swingin' singles, we see two singles (one dollar bills) swinging on a swing set.
Another example of blatant disregard for the norms of perspective drawing!
In this pun on the stock exchange, we see some bankers hawking socks, yelling Buy Buy Buy! Smell! Smell! Smell!
If only the basis for our economy were the exchange of wool foot coverings! #agalcandream