50 Music Pun Cartoons

"If music be the food of cartoons, play on!" -Shakespeare, if he had quit being a playwright and drew music pun cartoons instead

In this pun on the Backstreet Boys' classic song Quit Playing Games with My Heart, we see someone playing chess with a heart who seems to be doing much better than the person.
Finally starting to understand the incredible depth of Backstreet Boys lyrics
In this pun on best buds, we see to earpods attached to an iphone playing (of course) Donna Summer on Spotify. They are, of course, best friends, best pals, best... buds.
Last night, I got an urgent phone call from Erica and Sam - who were struck by inspiration at a wine tasting - to alert me of this idea!
In this pun on Shakespeare's Othello, we see Ocello, who is a cello, who is in love with Saxophona (Desdemona), whose father doesn't approve because Ocello isn't a reed instrument.
I love reeding Shakespeare.
In this pun off the Cher classic, "If I could turn back time," we see me, as a bouncer, turning away time (a clock) for not being on the list.
If only...
In this pun on the Insane Clown Posse and Juggalos, we see the Insane Cloud Posse and the Snuggalos (just clouds with ICP makeup)
Sorry about this.
In this play on bass player, we see a musician playing bass, but it's a bass like the fish, not the instrument.
All about that bass.
In reference to the Shakira song, "My Hips Don't Lie," a person claims that her hips don't lie, but her hippos do, as her hippos give her lie excuses.
Some find inspiration in nature, others find it in Shakira.
We see two people who claim to play the keys. A man playing the keyboard next to a woman who jangles a bunch of house keys.
Needless to say, I was very confused the first time I heard the keyboard referred to as “the keys.”
In this pun on yogurt culture, we see the epitome of culture - the opera- starring a yogurt container.
Nothing is more high brow than an aria sung by a breakfast food!
In this pun on dueling banjos, we see two banjos, swords drawn, ready to duel.
The scariest part of Deliverance (when the banjos pull out their foils and yell “en garde!”)