51 Music Pun Cartoons

"If music be the food of cartoons, play on!" -Shakespeare, if he had quit being a playwright and drew music pun cartoons instead

In this pun on musical Fiddler on the Roof, we see less popular musical, Roofer on the Fiddle, which is just a construction worker standing on a violin.
My favorite song from this musical is “If I Were a Pitch Man.”
In this pun on country singer, we see a singer who just sings the names of different countries.
This is my favorite kind of music (people reciting lists of places)
In this pun on the idiom "fit as a fiddle," we see an anthropomorphic fiddle who is very swole indeed!
I know these are probably unrealistic fitness goals for a generally slim instrument.
In this pun on piano bar, we see two pianos sitting at a bar. One asks the other, "You come here often?"
A good way to unwind after being slammed at work
In this pun on "Close but no cigar," we see the instruments that are "close, but not sitar" - banjo, sarangi, tanpura, mandolin, and guitar.
Idioms explained
In this pun on organ donor, we see a funeral with a casket next to a huge church organ. The priest says, "As many of you know, Steve was an organ donor."
You can keep your kidneys, I’ll take your $200,000 musical instruments.
In this pun, we see a person who LOVES all the symphony instruments as he embraces a cello, viola, french horn, snare drum, bassoon, and sax while seated on a piano.
A new clinical diagnosis for those with an unbridled desire to play Bach on the bassoon til the break of dawn.
A train is conducting an orchestra, and is commenting, while looking at his score, that the tubas need to stay on track.
For those training as conductors, or conducting as trains.
In this pun on orchestra, we see an orca-stra, which is a philharmonic symphony made up of killer whales.
The (either more or less, I can’t tell which) awe-inspiring sounds of the whales
In this pun on the opening of Vergil's Aeneid (I sing of arms and a man), we see a keyboard player singing a song about arms and a man: "I love appendages with biceps and funny bones and trice[ps/And hey what's the deal with that guy Ron?"
What a strange way to start the Aeneid. (Also I drew this before I met anyone named Ron whose deal I wondered about, so don’t take it personally if you are a Ron seeing this.)