50 Music Pun Cartoons

"If music be the food of cartoons, play on!" -Shakespeare, if he had quit being a playwright and drew music pun cartoons instead

In this pun on a line from Sir Mix-a-Lots hit song "Baby Got Back," an anaconda attends a cook out. When the chef says he is out of buns and they just have patties, the snake declines food.
And thus concludes 2020.
Three animals with horns-- a unicorn, a Texas longhorn cow, and a rhino-- play the horns (an assortment of brass instruments).
Shockingly, I am not a zoologist.
In this pun on rock opera, two opera stars since arias about rocks. They sing, "Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary! Mineral aggregates are often complimentary!"
The most (geo)logical art form
We see an ice cube, next to an ice cube baby. This is a pun on the Vanilla Ice song, Ice Ice Baby.
"Stop, collaborate, and listen" are great things to teach an ice baby to do.
In this pun on jam bands, we see three jars of jelly playing some music ala Phish, Grateful Dead, or Widespread Panic.
Famous jam bands include: The Grapeful Dead, Blue(berry)s Traveler, Easily Spread Panic, and, as shocking as it is that anyone would want this flavor, Phish.
In this pun on coral reef, we see a choral reef, which is coral that is in a choir.
Yes, they're singing "Hark! The Herald Angelfish Sing."
In this pun on ear worm, we see a music lover with an actual earthworm in his ears. It would be quite disturbing if the worm weren't so smiley.
Perhaps the only thing more horrifying than an actual worm in your ear is being haunted by the intro to "Toxic."
In this pun on composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach, we see Johann Sebastian Bok Bok Bok, a chicken in a powdered wig, sitting at a piano and writing sheet music with a feather pen.
Desperate plea for chicken lobby sponsorship! #NotAnAd #yet #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on country singer Dolly Parton, we see a dolly pardon, which is a girl issuing an official pardon to her Raggedy Anne doll. The girl says: "For your loyalty and because you've already suffered greatly, I hereby officially forgive you."
It turns out, spelling is important.
In this pun on musical Fiddler on the Roof, we see less popular musical, Roofer on the Fiddle, which is just a construction worker standing on a violin.
My favorite song from this musical is “If I Were a Pitch Man.”