61 This or That Pun Cartoons

Comparison may be the thief of joy, but it is also the subject of these cartoons.

In this comparison cartoon, we see a U-Boat (a submarine used in World War II), next to a me boat, a boat that says, "Why yes, I am a boat!" U may be a boat, but Me also is a boat.
Today, we are all boat.
In this comparison cartoon, we see an electric eel next to a gas-powered eel (an eel being filled up with gasoline from a pumping station)
Feeling nostalgic for the days of hand-cranked eels
It's an allosaurus next to nothing, which, in dinosaur terminology, would be a nothingosaurus.
Studies show that the allosaurus actually evolved into the nothingosaurus. #extinction
First, we see a drawing of a plum tomato. Next to it is a drawing of a plumber tomato, which is, of course, a tomato in overalls with a mustache and a wrench, ready to fix a leak.
Comparative adjectives, explained
A crash test dummy next to a person acing a test on the physics of inelastic collisions.
A crash course in. crash courses
A purple butterfly in a suit, labeled "President Butterfly" stands next to an orange butterfly with a crown and queen ensemble, labeled "Monarch Butterfly."
More forms of government deserve butterflies!
A bobcat, next to a cat with a bob hairdo.
I learned a valuable lesson from this drawing: that cats would look much more fashionable if they just wore wigs.
We see complementary angles (a 60 degree and a 30 degree one) next to some complimentary angels, praising each other's halos and wings.
Geometry, explained
One can - a can of soda -- next to "two cans," which are just a pair of toucans.
A counting tutorial
In this comparison cartoon, we see a pure bred shih tzu next to pure bread - a.k.a. a loaf of bread
Public service announcement