64 This or That Pun Cartoons

Comparison may be the thief of joy, but it is also the subject of these cartoons.

In this comparison cartoon that plays on the phrase, "True Colors," we see two groups of colors - one, true colors, the other, lying colors. The true colors say true facts (the sky is blue, etc) whereas the lying colors lie ("Fire is pretty cold.")
The lying colors will have to issue a color correction.
In this comparison cartoon, we see Moby Nice, a white whale apologizing to Ahab and inviting him to his Presidents' Day party, versus Moby Dick, who is just being mean to Captain Ahab.
No, I didn’t read the book. Why do you ask?
In this comparison cartoon, we see a fiddler crab (those crabs with one big claw) next to a violinist crab - a classy bow-tie-wearing crab holding a violin saying, "Well, when I was at Julliard..."
Crustaceans, explained
In this comparison cartoon, we see a U-Boat (a submarine used in World War II), next to a me boat, a boat that says, "Why yes, I am a boat!" U may be a boat, but Me also is a boat.
Today, we are all boat.
In this comparison cartoon, we see an electric eel next to a gas-powered eel (an eel being filled up with gasoline from a pumping station)
Feeling nostalgic for the days of hand-cranked eels
It's an allosaurus next to nothing, which, in dinosaur terminology, would be a nothingosaurus.
Studies show that the allosaurus actually evolved into the nothingosaurus. #extinction
First, we see a drawing of a plum tomato. Next to it is a drawing of a plumber tomato, which is, of course, a tomato in overalls with a mustache and a wrench, ready to fix a leak.
Comparative adjectives, explained
A crash test dummy next to a person acing a test on the physics of inelastic collisions.
A crash course in. crash courses
A purple butterfly in a suit, labeled "President Butterfly" stands next to an orange butterfly with a crown and queen ensemble, labeled "Monarch Butterfly."
More forms of government deserve butterflies!
A bobcat, next to a cat with a bob hairdo.
I learned a valuable lesson from this drawing: that cats would look much more fashionable if they just wore wigs.