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In this pun on duck-billed platypus, we see a duck billing a platypus. The duck says, "Unfortunately, I do not accept your insurance. That'll be $853."
Coincidentally, ducks are the only medical providers that do accept my insurance.
Ernie is in a wrestling match with a woman who holds him in a head-lock. Both are clad in wrestling attire. Ernie seems surprised. The caption reads- This was not what Ernie expected when his friend told him he'd "found a match" for him.
You're my better half (Nelson).
In this pun on acid trip, we see a convertible filled with three containers of acidic liquids - all wearing sunglasses, hands in the air, yelling, "Vegas, here we come!" (The liquids are orange juice, a can of soda, and vinegar.)
Who am I kidding? We all know they're actually going on a trip to give me heartburn.
In this pun on wild flowers, we see a wild flower - i.e. a flower in a leather jacket with sunglasses riding a sweet motorcycle.
Forget asters, I'm all about bad-assters.
In this pun on friendly fire, we see a campfire that is very friendly (holding some freshly baked cookies and offering them to you!)
It is 50 degrees over here, and I would love to befriend an anthropomorphic campfire.
In this pun on selfies, we see 4 sea shelfies - i.e. selfies taken by sea shells. The captions of each are: "OMG that salt water did wonders for my shell!" "Enjoying my new shades @ the beach." "Feeling a little less crabby today!" "It's a pearl!"
Love seeing these on Instaclam!!
In this pun on baseball bat, we see a bat (the nocturnal animal) playing baseball.
This is all my sports knowledge.
In this pun on the running of the bulls, we see two bulls running for office, standing on a podium waving in front of two signs, one that says "Apollo/Ferdinand 2022" and "Steer us in the right direction"
Contrary to popular belief, locals really don't like this.
In this pun on gargoyle, we see a guitargoyle, which is, of course, a gargoyle playing guitar.
Of course, his favorite music genre to play is hard rock.
In this pun on the math and science term significant digits (sometimes significant figures), we see a person hugging three numbers, telling them they mean so much to her.
To determine if digit is significant, reflect back on how it has impacted your life. #sciencetips