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In this pun on the fungal infection ringworm, we see a very cute earthworm wrapped around a human finger like a ring. This, of course, is a far more desirable form of ringworm.
A great jewelry alternative for people with metal allergies!
In this pun on the goose that laid the golden egg, we see a Canada goose (aka Canadian goose) lay a golden egg and think "Oh, you wanted cash, eh? Sorry aboot that!"
Happy Canada Day! (Also I learned through reading many great internet debates that the species is Canada Goose, whereas a Canadian goose is just any goose that happens to deal in loonies and toonies. #themoreyouknow)
In this pun on the phrase chick magnet, we see a magnet attached to a fluffy baby chicken.
Any device that attracts baby chickens is a great device in my book. #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on scientific piece of equipment, the graduated cylinder, we see a happy cylinder with a graduation cap and diploma, presumably having completed high school or college!
Congrats to all the graduated cylinders, rectangular prisms, and cones out there!
In this pun on the phrase one trick pony, we see a contract bridge group holding their cards. One player asks her partner (who is a pony), "What is your bid?" The pony looks a bit distressed, because we can assume he can only make one trick.
There is no horsing around when you’re bidding in bridge! (Dedicated to my former bridge group, Team Cheatnasium vs Team Vulture)
In this pun on octopi, we see an octopus in the shape of the Greek letter/ famed math symbol, pi.
Octopi r squared… when they shove themselves in a cube shaped container.
In this pun on cryptocurrency, we see different coins mixed with different cryptids: Big Coin (Bitcoin + Big Foot), Loch Nesstherium (Etherium + Loch Ness Monster), Monstero (Monero + Moth Man Monster), and Chupacardano (Cardano + Chupacabra).
Try kraken this code!
In this pun on Pokemon and typos, we see what Pokemon would look like with typos in their names: Pikachu as Pitachu (a falafel filled pita version), Eevee as Teevee (with a TV head), Jigglypuff as the athletic Jogglypuff, Snorlax as Snortax, an accountant
Spelling errors: Gotta catch ‘em all!
In this pun on pop art, we see a Roy Lichtenstein - esque comic woman looking at a can of cola. She is thinking, "People outside the Midwest call this... soda?!?"
As someone who grew up in the south, I always thought this was called “Coke Art.”
In this pun on royalty-free music, we see the opposite (royalty-full music?) which is of course a band made up of royals - a king, a queen, and a princess.
To that end, it should be noted that, due to budget cuts, we will no longer be able to feature the music of Prince, Queen, or Kings of Leon.