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In this pun on palm reader, we see a pom-pom reader- a crystal loving, bangle-wearing woman reading the pom-pom of a cheerleader. The pom pom reader says "The line in this streamer shows you've got spirit, yes you do."
Always good to seek professional metaphysical help if you’re being haunted by a (school) spirit
In this pun on BBQ classic, pulled pork, we see a different kind of pulled pork: a pig being pulled quickly by a fast runner. This kind of pulled pork is perfect for vegetarians!
A little known fact: BBQ stands for “Bring Boar Quickly.”
In this comparison cartoon, we see a U-Boat (a submarine used in World War II), next to a me boat, a boat that says, "Why yes, I am a boat!" U may be a boat, but Me also is a boat.
Today, we are all boat.
In this cephalopod punny version of Homer's epic poem the Odyssey, we see the Cycloptopus (the cyclops as an octopus) holding Nautilodysseus (Odysseus as a nautilus) in his cave and asking his identity. Nautilodysseus responds, "Nobody."
The most epic story ever inked
In this pun on the fantasy chess match that never happened - grandmaster Garry Kasparov vs GM Bobby Fischer - we see a match between Fisher (as a fish) and Catsparov (as a cat). The interspecies history definitely adds some tension.
If you’re going to be imagining a chess match that never happened, you might as well give yourself some creative license on their species.
In this pun on the fungal infection ringworm, we see a very cute earthworm wrapped around a human finger like a ring. This, of course, is a far more desirable form of ringworm.
A great jewelry alternative for people with metal allergies!
In this pun on the goose that laid the golden egg, we see a Canada goose (aka Canadian goose) lay a golden egg and think "Oh, you wanted cash, eh? Sorry aboot that!"
Happy Canada Day! (Also I learned through reading many great internet debates that the species is Canada Goose, whereas a Canadian goose is just any goose that happens to deal in loonies and toonies. #themoreyouknow)
In this pun on the phrase chick magnet, we see a magnet attached to a fluffy baby chicken.
Any device that attracts baby chickens is a great device in my book. #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on scientific piece of equipment, the graduated cylinder, we see a happy cylinder with a graduation cap and diploma, presumably having completed high school or college!
Congrats to all the graduated cylinders, rectangular prisms, and cones out there!
In this pun on the phrase one trick pony, we see a contract bridge group holding their cards. One player asks her partner (who is a pony), "What is your bid?" The pony looks a bit distressed, because we can assume he can only make one trick.
There is no horsing around when you’re bidding in bridge! (Dedicated to my former bridge group, Team Cheatnasium vs Team Vulture)