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In this pun on the sports term a benchwarmer, we see a person warming up a bench (rubbing it, covering it with blankets and a scarf.)
The weather is changing, so make sure your benches stay comfortable.
In this pun on witchcraft, we see a witch at a craft fair selling her homemade crafts (Brumhilda's homemade witch hats).
Another compelling reason to become a witch
In this play on Woodstock, we see a poster for Woodstoctopus, with the iconic image from the original poster of a guitar with a bird on it, except instead of a hand on the frets its a tentacle, and instead of a bird on the guitar neck, it's an octopus.
3 Days of Peace, Music, & Ink
In this pun on fur coats, we see a woman wearing a fir coat (i.e. a coat made out of an evergreen fir tree, complete with fir cones).
Beware of protesters dousing you with buckets of sap!
In this pun on the saying/Pink Floyd song, Dark Side of the Moon, we see the dark side to the moon's personality - the moon angrily screams, "If I don't get my way, you'll be sorry!"
Not sure why Pink Floyd would want to sing about this
In this pun on chicken patty, we see a woman and a chicken meeting at a party. The woman says, "I'm Patty." The chicken replies, "That's so funny! My name is ALSO Patty. But you can call me --" you guessed it. Chicken Patty.
Spicy Chicken Patty is just Chicken Patty when she’s giving hot takes. #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on german shepherds, we see a man who is also a shepherd from Germany in traditional shepherd attire who has accidentally made his way to a contest for dogs, best in breed for German Shepherds.
Happy #nationaldogday to all the shepherds who happen to be from Germany!
In this play on the Salem Witch Trials, we see the Salem Witch clinical trials- two witch scientists celebrating the end of the study in which some participants got placebos, and some got real potions. They address the participants - a man and two frogs.
Yes, all curses have to be FDA approved these days.
In this pun on chicken stock, we see a chicken stock broker in front of his chart of the DOW, on the phone exclaiming "The corn IPO was a success! We're going to make a million boks!"
I put all my money in chicken stock, but it just got wet (and more flavorful). #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on finger food, we see anthropomorphic fingers on a hand enjoying some delicious food.
Of course, the best finger foods are lady fingers and chicken fingers.