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In this pun on finger food, we see anthropomorphic fingers on a hand enjoying some delicious food.
Of course, the best finger foods are lady fingers and chicken fingers.
In this pun on classic chip dip, Bean dip, we see two dancing beans mid-dip.
A dance move appropriate while dancing to Salsa or Guac-n-Roll
In these literary cat puns, we see Cat-22 (Catch-22), The Sound and the Furry (Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury), Mewlysses (Joyce's Ulysses), How to Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Pawter and the Goblet of Milk (Harry Potter), & the Great Catsby (Gatsby).
Happy summer reading, all you cool cats and kittens!
In this pun on Simon and Garfunkel song "Bridge Over Troubled Water," we see bridge under troubled water - some scuba divers, an octopus, and a crab playing the card game contract bridge under a turbulent sea.
Probably what Simon and Garfunkel meant to sing about
In this pun on bowler hat, we see a hat holding a bowling ball - he is clearly a bowler.
I was on my high school bowling team, and I can confidently say that most hats are probably better at bowing than I was.
In this pun on palm reader, we see a pom-pom reader- a crystal loving, bangle-wearing woman reading the pom-pom of a cheerleader. The pom pom reader says "The line in this streamer shows you've got spirit, yes you do."
Always good to seek professional metaphysical help if you’re being haunted by a (school) spirit
In this pun on BBQ classic, pulled pork, we see a different kind of pulled pork: a pig being pulled quickly by a fast runner. This kind of pulled pork is perfect for vegetarians!
A little known fact: BBQ stands for “Bring Boar Quickly.”
In this comparison cartoon, we see a U-Boat (a submarine used in World War II), next to a me boat, a boat that says, "Why yes, I am a boat!" U may be a boat, but Me also is a boat.
Today, we are all boat.
In this cephalopod punny version of Homer's epic poem the Odyssey, we see the Cycloptopus (the cyclops as an octopus) holding Nautilodysseus (Odysseus as a nautilus) in his cave and asking his identity. Nautilodysseus responds, "Nobody."
The most epic story ever inked
In this pun on the fantasy chess match that never happened - grandmaster Garry Kasparov vs GM Bobby Fischer - we see a match between Fisher (as a fish) and Catsparov (as a cat). The interspecies history definitely adds some tension.
If you’re going to be imagining a chess match that never happened, you might as well give yourself some creative license on their species.