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In this play off of a man recently receiving a heart transplant from a pig, we see a pig holding a man's hand, giving him his heart, by saying, "Science may have changed my brain, but YOU opened my mind."
Researchers hope the breakthrough may lead to life-long love.
In this pun on meat cleaver, we meet a cleaver, who introduces itself as a new neighbor, game developer, Sagittarius, and Weird Al fan.
This year, why not take some time to get to know your kitchen utensils?
Two biologist peer through the bush at an animal in its natural habitat - the wild bore, a boring guy who entraps animals with his mundane stories.
This was my favorite character in The Lion King (the guy who retells every episode of Succession in excruciating detail to Simba).
In this pun on flightless birds, a pigeon stands in an airport terminal. He is on the phone telling someone and tell them his flight was canceled and the next available seat on a plane isn't for 2 weeks.
In related news, bird migrations will now be pushed back 4-6 weeks, depending on the available standby seats.
In this pun on pigeon toed, a person chases after her car screaming as a pigeon in a tow truck tows it away.
Don't let the pigeon tow the car!
A person makes a phone call to a bunch of shots of alcohol.
So that's what "last call" means!
In this pun on soap opera, three soaps, dressed as characters from Carmen, Pagliacci, and the Ring Cycle, sign opera.
The only drama in these shows is whether or not a character will make your skin dry.
In this pun on student loans. a person asks if she can borrow a student for an afternoon.
I borrowed an AP Latin student over a decade ago, and I'm still dealing with the consequences.
In this pun on the earth is flat, the earth plays the flute, while the flute teacher gives musical advice on sharpening the pitch, saying, "You're pitchy, try adjusting your embouchure!"
Don't let people gaslight you into thinking the earth has perfect pitch!
In this pun on the phrase pen name, we have a felt-tipped pen stating his name, which is Pierre.
Unbeknownst to many, Mark Twain was actually a ballpoint pen.