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In this pun on pop art, we see a Roy Lichtenstein - esque comic woman looking at a can of cola. She is thinking, "People outside the Midwest call this... soda?!?"
As someone who grew up in the south, I always thought this was called “Coke Art.”
In this pun on royalty-free music, we see the opposite (royalty-full music?) which is of course a band made up of royals - a king, a queen, and a princess.
To that end, it should be noted that, due to budget cuts, we will no longer be able to feature the music of Prince, Queen, or Kings of Leon.
In this play on Shakespeare's Hamlet, we see Hamlet played by a robot, holding up Yorick's skull. He says, "Alas, poor Yorick! My facial recognition technology would know him anywhere!"
This above all: to thine own robot overlord be true.
In this pun on the chess term checkmate, we see a person with their buddy, their pal, their mate - a giant anthropomorphic check.
Who needs chess when you can be friends with a giant check?
In this pun on the pirate phrase dead men tell no tales, we see a skeleton son in bed next to his skeleton dad. He asks "Why don't you read me a bedtime story?" Then answer, of course, is because dead en tell no tales.
Thankfully, dead men do sing goodnight songs.
In this pun on the phrase "It all makes sense," we see "It all makes cents," which is of course some nickels, quarters, dimes, and pennies, which, together, make more than a few cents.
“Be the change you wish to receive from the cashier.”
In this pun on baby bump, we see two babies giving each other fist bumps.
Much cooler than baby-firm-handshake
In this pun on corny jokes, we see the corniest one - which is, of course, a joke about corn, which is sad there will be a shortage of corny jokes. It laments, "Aw shucks!"
Some dry humor
In this pun on owls that have similar names, we see a barn owl, a barred owl, and a bard owl (an owl that looks like a Shakespearean era poet)
Owl taxonomy, explained
In this pun on the seven wonders of the world, we see the earth wondering seven things, from the sublime (what is the meaning of life) to the ridiculous (should I get bangs).
Sure, the pyramid of Giza is great, but so is fantasizing about the possibilities that open up to you when you get a new haircut.