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In this pun on the earth is flat, the earth plays the flute, while the flute teacher gives musical advice on sharpening the pitch, saying, "You're pitchy, try adjusting your embouchure!"
Don't let people gaslight you into thinking the earth has perfect pitch!
In this pun on the phrase pen name, we have a felt-tipped pen stating his name, which is Pierre.
Unbeknownst to many, Mark Twain was actually a ballpoint pen.
In this pun on bad hair day, a person looks up disappointedly at her hair, which wears sunglasses and expresses interest in doing all sorts of bad stuff, like stealing shampoo and beating up pigtails.
I hate when I have to go somewhere fancy and my hair just wants to taunt pigeons and jaywalk.
The digits from the Fibonacci sequence play baseball in this math and sports mashup.
The only sports even that really adds up.
In this pun on Roth IRA, a moth gives financial planning tips to a caterpillar about investing his money for the future.
Financial planning for a 10 month lifespan is about my capability right now.
In this play on the reality show Kitchen Nightmares, a kitten dreams that Gordon Ramsay is calling his cat food disgusting, foul, and inedible.
If you watch too many episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay haunts your dreams. This is not helpful if you are a creature who is constantly napping.
In this pun on full moon, a moon sits in front of a table with many empty plates and tells the waitress he is finished with his food.
If you are what you eat, the moon IS made of cheese (and rolls, and pan seared salmon with lemon aioli, and a side of roasted new potatoes, and chocolate lava cake.)
In this pun on writer's block, Edgar Allan Poe stands on a neighborhood block and proclaims that his house is on this street.
Writer's block can be taxing (property taxing, that is).
In this pun on American Gothic, Grant Woods' iconic painting, a goth couple stands in front of a farm house.
I imagine all produce from a goth farm is rotten.

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In this pun on pawn shop, a man stands behind the counter of his store, which sells exclusively chess pawns.
You can pay for these with cash or checkmate.