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In this pun on jumping jacks, we see two jacks (a club and heart from a deck of cards) jumping. This is the greatest form a exercise.
Does playing rummy count as exercise?
In this pun on tax bracket, we see a sports bracket (like a March madness basketball bracket) with different types of taxes (including income, estate, and property) pitted against each other. It is, of course, entitled April Madness.
Forget "nothing but net," this is nothing by net profit margin. #AreYouIntoIt #ImIntuit
In this pun on vicious circle, we see an angry anthropomorphic circle with  sharp teeth who looks ready to attack at any moment.
Happy Pi Day!
In this pun on thoroughbred horse, we see a thorough bread horse, which is a horse who has a very thorough knowledge and collection of breads.
I would bet on this horse (to explain the difference between brioche and challah).
In this math pun on right angle, we see three Jeopardy contests (all angles - acute, right, obtuse). The host asks a question, and the right angle answers correctly. So, it is once again a right angle.
Randie's angling for the win!
In this pun on muscle definition, two gals check out a guy who is holding up a sign with the definition of muscle on it ("Muscle is contractile tissue group into coordinated systems"). One woman says to the other, "Check out that guy's muscle definition!"
He's so strong (at vocabulary)!
In this asinine chicken pun based on the Renaissance, we see the Henaissance, which is just two chickens dressed in Renaissance attire.
While the Renaissance was intellectually based on Humanism, the Henaissance was, of course, based on Chickenism. #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on polka dots, we see a band of dots who are dressed for and playing polka music.
I prefer this pattern to EDM stripes or heavy metal plaid.
In this pun on the missing link and Abraham Lincoln, we see 5 stages of evolution, with monkey in a top hat, to homo erectus in a top hat, to President Lincoln in a top hat, but we are missing phase 4.
Hopeful all the archaeologists in Gettsyburg can find this.
In this pun on connecting on networking site, LinkedIn, we see two people professionally connected on Lincoln - President Abraham Lincoln. It's an easy mistake.
I’ve made this mistake too many times to count. #professionalnetworker