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Two rocks hold hands and skip
Skip stones, not school!
It's an allosaurus next to nothing, which, in dinosaur terminology, would be a nothingosaurus.
Studies show that the allosaurus actually evolved into the nothingosaurus. #extinction
First, we see a drawing of a plum tomato. Next to it is a drawing of a plumber tomato, which is, of course, a tomato in overalls with a mustache and a wrench, ready to fix a leak.
Comparative adjectives, explained
A sailboat coasts along the ocean waves, which, as they ebb and flow, also offer such thoughts as "I'm willing to hear your thoughts on it!" "I'm glad I can be honest about my feelings with you!" and "Sure, let's try something new!"
Many more adventures lie here than in the emotionally-stunted sea.
In this accounting pun, an accountant sheep reads a child a bedtime story from the 2021 accounting ledger. The sheep is in the middle of a thrilling tale, as she reads "But the transaction wasn't an asset... it was a liability!"
My favorite bedtime story is Goldilocks and the Three Balance Sheets.
A guardin' party is clearly a party of guards doing what the do best - guarding. This particular party has a Buckingham Palace guard, some security guards, and a bouncer.
A fun summer activity to do with all your friends!
A drink coaster, but it is on wheels.
Finally, a roller coaster I can get behind!
A crescent moon nervously clenches its teeth while bracing the bench as it gets its legs waxed by an esthetician in crocs.
One of the more painful phases of the moon
A crash test dummy next to a person acing a test on the physics of inelastic collisions.
A crash course in. crash courses
A navigational compass suggests, "We must do the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people!"
A very utilitarian piece of equipment