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In this pun on surgeon and the fish sturgeon, we see a fish patient in the operating room. The doctor, who is a sturgeon, says to the fish patient, "I will be performing your sturgery."
Coincidentally, this is the only medical care my insurance covers.
In this pun on the fish the red snapper, we see a red snapper fish with human arms who is, of course, snapping his fingers.
Some people prefer their fish fried or steamed. I prefer mine with an innate mastery of body percussion.
In this pun on posthumous publication, we see Emily Dickinson sitting at her publisher's desk. Her publisher is a possum, which is why she is being published possumously.
Even if it's a book deal offered by a possum, it's still a book deal!
In this pun on robot, we see the brobot, a robot with a popped collar who delivers all the information a bro could need (crypto/Bitcoin prices, IPA alcohol content, scores in a football game).
This bro definitely pumps iron.
In this pun on Passover biblical story of Moses splitting the Red Sea, we see Moses splitting a check for a dinner at a restaurant. You know, the kind where one person doesn't drink wine, one person orders dessert, everyone feels like they are overpaying.
If we could have just Venmoed each other rough approximations of how much we thought we owed after dinner, it would have been enough.
In this pun on flying business class, we see the most enviable boarding group: The None-of-your-business class, made up of flyers who do not want to engage with flight attendance and who will at all costs protect their privacy, identity, and opsec.
The only way to fly!
In this pun on the phrase, "I'm in a jam!" we see someone literally being jellied in a jar a strawberry preserves.
It's a very sticky situation.
In this play on fantasy football, we see several genres of football: Fantasy (an elf with a football fairy), Sci Fi (an astronaut being attacked by U.F.Footballs), Mystery (a detective inspecting a chalk outline of a ball), and Romance.
What is your favorite genre of football?
In this pun on remote therapy/ teletherapy, we see a therapist and her client, who is a remote control. She is saying, "It sounds like they really know how to push your buttons."
A portrait of the artist as a young channel changer
In this pun on breaking world records, we see a kid surrounded by broken music records, pulled out of a box of world music.
The closest I will ever get to being in the Guinness Book of World Records.