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Three wine bottles (a pinot noir, a merlot, and a rose) all wear glasses.
They're like beer goggles, but classier.
One beaver asks another beaver, who is building a dam, "Hey! Can I have that?"
But if you join the beaver's patreon, he WILL give you exclusive behind-the-scenes videos of how to pick out the perfect stick.
A bobcat, next to a cat with a bob hairdo.
I learned a valuable lesson from this drawing: that cats would look much more fashionable if they just wore wigs.
We see complementary angles (a 60 degree and a 30 degree one) next to some complimentary angels, praising each other's halos and wings.
Geometry, explained
A cardinal says to a blue jay, "Dang, I am envious of your blue feathers," and therefore enacting the sin of jealousy.
Major blunders of the animal kingdom
In this pun on old-time band, two elderly clocks play some tunes on fiddle and banjo.
One of life’s greatest joys is square dancing to the upbeat tunes of an elderly clock.
A bank demonstrates its gymnastics prowess by flipping over a vault.
The only aspect of banking that I care about
In this pun on Edgar Degas, we see his painting Green Dancer, but all the ballerinas are dogs.
They are probably warming up for a performance of "The Muttcracker."
In this pun on Andy Warhol, we see his iconic multicolored Marilyn Monroes, but instead of Marilyn, we see a warthog.
"Everyone gets to hog the spotlight for 15 minutes!" - Andy Warthog
In this pun on Vincent Van Gogh, we see his self portrait, but instead of being a man, he is a goat (with one ear, of course).
Vincent Van Goat probably ate his ear after he cut it off.