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A church and the state of Texas sit on the couch across from their daughter and tell her, It's just a trial. Mommy and daddy still love you very much.
Who are we kidding? We know they'll get back together.
In this pun on Herman Melville's Moby Dick and a mobius strip, we see a mobius strip made up of the white whale connected to Captain Ahab's ship, The Pequod.
A non-orientable, seemingly infinite novel
A smiling radish wears a graduation cap and holds a diploma!
Fresh and ready to face anything the world (or salad) tosses at them!
In this pun on the fairy tale "The Frog Prince," we see a frog, printing from his computer.
The classic fairy tale where, when you kiss a frog, he helps you install new toner and teaches you how to connect to your printer via Bluetooth.
In this pun on Flat Earthers, we see a convention of people (probably dopes) watching a presentation on why the earth is fat.
It's scientifically true!!1! #science
In this pun on Saturn's Rings, we see an anthropomorphic Saturn, with its hands in the air, with every finger decked out in a sweet ring.
Treasures of outer space
The most seize-the-day fish (the majestic carp) says, "The world is my oyster!" Forget carpe diem, it's all about carp diem.
Seize the (catch of the) day!
In this play on Betty Smith's novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, we see it and four of its sequels about the five boroughs of New York City: A Bush Grows in Queens, A Flower Grows in the Bronx, A Shrub Grows in Manhattan, A Succulent Grows in Staten Island
Book sequels we've been waiting for
A person tries to hail of taxi cab, which is on monster truck wheels and is therefore too tall to get in. This is a play on politicians wanting higher taxes and thankfully not higher taxis.
I'm not sure why the NYTimes hasn't covered the NYC mayoral candidates' stances on taxi height.
In this pun on scapegoat, a goat uses landscaping clippers to trim a topiary.
To be fair, this goat SHOULD be blamed for how tacky this topiary is.