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A bank demonstrates its gymnastics prowess by flipping over a vault.
The only aspect of banking that I care about
In this pun on Edgar Degas, we see his painting Green Dancer, but all the ballerinas are dogs.
They are probably warming up for a performance of "The Muttcracker."
In this pun on Andy Warhol, we see his iconic multicolored Marilyn Monroes, but instead of Marilyn, we see a warthog.
"Everyone gets to hog the spotlight for 15 minutes!" - Andy Warthog
In this pun on Vincent Van Gogh, we see his self portrait, but instead of being a man, he is a goat (with one ear, of course).
Vincent Van Goat probably ate his ear after he cut it off.
In this pun on Frida Kahlo, we see her painting "Two Fridas," but each Frida is, of course, a duck.
I wish more ducks had unibrows.
In this pun on Pablo Picasso, we see his painting "The Dream," but the woman is a pig.
Forget pearls before swine, just put the pearls on the swine.
In this pun on Henri Matisse, we see his painting "The Dance," but all the dancers are cats.
The green lump in this picture is probably the cats' owner's sleeping body.
Two ink blots take a math test.
Unfortunately, your subconscious is not particularly helpful on math tests.
A squid bullies an octopus by saying "I need you to help me catch some lunch and then refill my ink!" And the poor octopus, a push-over and a yes-man, obliges.
A reminder that standing up for yourself isn’t shellfish.
In this pun on Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, we see a multitude of fruits demonstrating the seven deadly sins - strawberries of pride, apples of envy, watermelon of gluttony, blueberries of greed, banana of sloth, pears of lust.
If only Steinbeck were alive to write about the other sins of the produce aisle...