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In this pun on Danish physicist Niels Bohr, we see Niels Boar, a scientist who also happens to be a wild pig.
For whatever reason, this week, I am presenting a series about pig scientists. I apologize in advance. #pigsinscience
In this pun on the phrase "I know how to get his goat," we see a man and his goat. The goat is talking to a second person who seems much more empathetic, and he says, "Thanks for listening. I feel like you really understand me."
All those classes on therapeutic engagement were worth it! #thankssocialworkschool
In this pun on peer pressure, we see pier pressure - the Santa Monica pier (complete with amusement park rides) looks you in the eyes and says, "Everyone's doing it."
Don’t let beachside platforms influence you into being anyone other than you #staytruetoyourself
In this pun on Olive Garden and the Garden of Eden, we see the Olive Garden of Eden: Adam and Eve at an Olive Garden. Eve says, "Unlimited breadsticks? This really IS paradise!"
Unfortunately, I think Olive Garden has a “No shirt, no shoes, no service” policy so this could never happen.
In this pun on country singer Dolly Parton, we see a dolly pardon, which is a girl issuing an official pardon to her Raggedy Anne doll. The girl says: "For your loyalty and because you've already suffered greatly, I hereby officially forgive you."
It turns out, spelling is important.
In this pun on the fancy establishment for boat owners, the yacht club, we see a person holding a small bat (a club) to protect her against yacht attacks - aka a yacht club.
Why are people so excited about these?
In this pun on fighting tooth and nail, we see a boxer in the ring in combat with a giant tooth and nail.
I would probably lose this fight.
In this pun on musical Fiddler on the Roof, we see less popular musical, Roofer on the Fiddle, which is just a construction worker standing on a violin.
My favorite song from this musical is “If I Were a Pitch Man.”
In this pun on keeping your hair in a pony tail, we see a person with long hair lying on a pony's back with her hair in its tail.
How I’ve been dealing with my hair during quarantine
In this pun on fly-eating plant the Venus Fly Trap, we see the Venus Fly Trapezoid, which is a flesh-hungry quadrilateral.
From my forthcoming collection, Quadri-bad-eral Puns.