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In this pun on Koi fish, we see two coy fish, having a conversation under the pretense of being shy. One says, "Who, little old me?" The other replies, "Oh, I couldn't possibly!"
I prefer marine life that is more flirtatiously forward.
In this chicken pun on famous artist Picasso, we see Chicasso, a chicken drawn in Picasso's style.
Well, just as we all feared, it seems like a second wave of #asininechickenpuns may be upon us.
In this pun on sunbathing, we see a sun taking a sudsy bath with its rubber ducky.
Summer is a great time for cleaning your solar system’s favorite star!
In this pun on "She missed the boat," we see a person standing on a dock near the empty ocean, clutching a photograph of her boat, S. S. Boat, remembering when she told her boat, "Go, see if I care!" But in this moment, she misses it.
Cue sad Sarah McLachlan song
In this play on the phrase, "Dress for the job you want" for 2020 when everyone went remote, we see four people dressed like complete slobs, dressing for the jobs they want: remote engineer, remote therapist, remote editor, remote supreme court justice.
Trying to actualize my dream of umbros being a mandatory component for all professional attire
In this pun on sore losers, we see dinosaur losers. A medalist pedestal with a pterodactyl in first and an angry brontosaurus and annoyed T-rex in 2nd and 3rd. These two are, of course, sore losers, but they are also dinosaur losers.
It’s probably safest to lose on purpose to any/all dinosaurs you may encounter in competition. #usefultips
In this pun on psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, we see Pigmund Freud, a pig therapist with his pig patient on the couch. Pigmund says to his client, "You are in love with your sow."
Thank goodness, we have survived #pigsinscience week.
In this pun on scientific method developer Francis Bacon, we see Francis Bacon (emphasis on bacon) as a pig.
Developed the scientific method, presumably in between rolling around in the mud and foraging for truffles #pigsinscience
In this pun on physicist Stephen Hawking, we see Stephen Hogking, a pig version of the famous scientist, presenting on his book: "A Brief History of Swine: From the Pig Bang to Watering Holes."
This one had me lamenting the fact that I hadn’t committed to “Birds of Prey in Science.” #pigsinscience
In this pun on Albert Einstein, we see Albert Swinestein, which is a pig version of the famous scientist.
#pigsinscience week continues!