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In this pun on rain check, we see one rain cloud handing another a check.
I prefer rain cash, but this will do.
An astronaut reaches deep space, which is just space where the planets say deep stuff like, "I can't reconcile the Heidegger with the Kierkegaard" and "Poetry speaks the words my soul longs to."
The most frightening reaches of the universe
In this pun on mouth guard, we see a mouth with a walkie talkie acting as a bouncer.
Why do people need these for sports?
In this pun on knight club, we see a knight club, which is a club filled with knights like Lancelot, The Knights who say Ni from Monty Python, and Don Quixote.
Obviously, the first thing I'm going to do after a vaccine is widely available is go out and network with Lancelot and Don Quixote.
In this pun on the phrase "Muad'Dib" (which arguably means messiah in Frank Herbert's Dune), we see Paul Atreides, the muad'dib, next to a cow, who is the Moo- a-dib.
Obviously his mother would be names Lady Bessy-ca
In this pun on slippery slope, we see the slope intercept formula - a vague memory from past math classes - and the "m" variable is very slippery,  covered in soap, a banana peel, and a slug trail.
Middle school math is a known gateway drug to other, more terrible things, like PhDs in discrete mathematics and being able to figure out area when furnishing an apartment from Ikea.
In this pun on ear worm, we see a music lover with an actual earthworm in his ears. It would be quite disturbing if the worm weren't so smiley.
Perhaps the only thing more horrifying than an actual worm in your ear is being haunted by the intro to "Toxic."
In this pun on the hope diamond, we see a diamond full of hope, crossing its fingers and wishing for the best outcome.
45.52 karats of wishful thinking
In this pun on the painful experience of throwing your back out, a woman with a chunk of back missing throws the missing chunk into the garbage can.
I know, I know, I should have recycled it.
In this pun on tooth falling out dream, we see a slumberer dreaming about two teeth having a friendship falling out.
All night, every night.