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We see an ice cube, next to an ice cube baby. This is a pun on the Vanilla Ice song, Ice Ice Baby.
"Stop, collaborate, and listen" are great things to teach an ice baby to do.
In this pun on the claim that bots are influencing elections, we see 4 bots that are not robots: bottle caps, botany, Botticelli, and Bat Mitzvahs.
An ominous and spooky one in honor of everyone's favorite upcoming scary holiday, Election Day. #ridinwithbiden
In this pun on Achilles heel, we see the hero from Homer's The Iliad, but he is wearing red high heels, and he looks good.
The moral of the story is don't go into battle with pumps.
In this pun on parade floats, we see a parade floating in the water.
Breaking news! Parade floats, but kitchen sinks.
In this pun on jam bands, we see three jars of jelly playing some music ala Phish, Grateful Dead, or Widespread Panic.
Famous jam bands include: The Grapeful Dead, Blue(berry)s Traveler, Easily Spread Panic, and, as shocking as it is that anyone would want this flavor, Phish.
In this pun on Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, we see Dr. Jekyll, an upstanding scientist, and Mr. Hide-and-Seek, a guy hiding behind a dresser, playing hide and seek.
A chilling tale about a scientist who is very bad at playing children's games.
Two pens embrace each other, like true pals would.
I'd rather my pens be pals than penemies.
Rhonda is a gold digger. But not the kind of person who marries a rich person for their money - she's a miner who digs for gold.
Is this what that Kanye West song is about?
In this pun on ripped jeans, we see some swole jeans lift some weights.
I prefer mom jeans, because I'd rather my pants have adorable jeanie babies than a six pack.
Three pastries - a croissant, a cinnamon bun, and a mille feuille--bake some delicious food!
I only eat food made by croissants.