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Some stairs fly through the air in this pun on flight of stairs.
I love nothing more than getting out my binoculars and watching the majestic migration from upstairs to downstairs.
A guy in a Yolo shirt and a No Regrets hat says, "I will try anything! Whoa, except for hanging out with this bird." The egret next to him looks upset.
#noregrets #noregrets
An anthropomorphic window says "Ooh! Ow! Oy!" as its ache acts up in this pun on window pane.
It's a real pane in the glass.
In this pun on phases of the moon, we see some developmental phases of the moon. We see the obsessed with dinosaurs phase, the Fortnite/flossing era, being really into playing Oasis's Wonderwall on guitar, and only speaking in Napoleon Dynamite quotes
I love looking up at the night sky to see the moon showing off its flossing skills.
In this pun on the Boy Scout's beloved event Pinewood Derby, we see porcupines, on wheels, racing downhill.
Fun for children of all ages!
In this pun, we see the Statue of Liberty, holding a horse brush and a copy of Black Beauty, perched atop a horse stable.
Let's just defund the country and rebuild as a profitable livery stall where people pay us to board their horses. (Obviously, it'll be called The United States of A-Mare-Ica.)
In this pun on calling Pennsylvania for which candidate they elected, we see a woman calling Pennsylvania on the telephone. She asks, "Hey, so, how's the Liberty Bell?"
This is something my mother would probably guilt me into.
A chunk of land with the the Garden of Eden on it looks at a map. This must be what Milton's Paradise Lost is about.
Not a metaphor! #jk
In this pun on rock pigeon, we see a rock-n-roll pigeon with a mohawk giving the "ROCK ON!" sign.
No bird is as coo...l. [Important backstory to this a cartoon: A regular pigeon is also known as a rock pigeon. You know it's a good joke when you have to explain it!]
In this pun on tarot cards, we see the traditional cards, but the main icons are replaced by different preparations of taro - taro root, leaves, bubble tea, puree, taro balls, and chips.
In trying to find hope for the future, I have turned to the supernatural, and all I have gleaned is that it contains chips.