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In this pun on renaissance fair, we see two renaissance era women exchanging the fare for two tickets (the cost is 2 shillings and a sixpence.)
I can only assume all events in the Renaissance include wearing your fanciest garb and eating turkey legs.
In this pun on the computer accessory of yore, the mouse pad, we see a mouse showing another mouse his apartment - his "pad." It is decorated with paintings of cheese, but otherwise, is quite tasteful.
This pretty much sums up my knowledge of computers and computer accessories.
In this pun on the movie Blade Runner, we see a knife running.
Based on the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Knives?"
In this pun on radio waves, we see an old AM/FM radio smiling and waving.
Longing for days when social distancing is over and my radio can give me a KISS (FM 107.5)
In this pun on famed construction piece of equipment - the fork life - we see a buff gym-goer lifting weights, but his weight is just a fork. He is very muscly, and if he got this way from this work out routine, I am going to start trying it.
My exercise routine #bulkup
In this pun on smoked fish (my favorite of which is, of course, lox), we see a woman smoking a fish like someone would smoke a cigarette. Note: Smoking anything is not a great idea, especially a live fish.
Screw the sturgeon general's warning!
In this pun on making a mean tuna melt - a classic sandwich that I wish wasn't so unhealthy - we see a person seducing a tuna fish who, we learn, is generally quite mean but who is currently swooning.
Nothing like seducing a rude fish! #quarantinehobbies
In this pun on baseball term "fowl ball," we see a fowl ball - i.e. a social dance ala Pride and Prejudice where all the dancers are chickens.
Forget baseball, I want to watch chickens social dance. #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk, we see Jack and the Beanstalker. Jack sits on a bench reading a book "So... you think a legume is following you" as a kidney bean who is clearly stalking him watches through binoculars.
I personally don’t mind it when kidney beans become obsessed with me.
In this pun on the Dumas novel The Count of Monte Cristo, we see the count of Monte Cristos - a deli guy counting out five plates of monte cristo sandwiches.
A thrilling tale of hope, justice, vengeance, and clogged arteries