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A fish rolls a strike at a bowling alley in this pun on fish bowl.
A very hard to fathom scenario (that any living creature would stick its fingers in shared sports equipment these days)
In this pun on bird sanctuary, a bunch of birds (an ostrich, a heron, a duck, an eagle, a starling, and a chickadee) sit in church pews and listen to a pigeon preacher.
In this pun on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge meets the ghost of Christmas Present, which is just the ghost of a Christmas present.
Christmas is over, so it's the perfect time for a Christmas cartoon!
Icarus, from Greek Mythology, celebrate fall with typical autumn festivities (throwing leaves, apple picking, pumpkin carving) as his father Daedelus looks in horror.
It's harder to fly too close to the sun when the sun sets at 4pm.
Pandora, of Greek mythology, reveals a great evil - the odor of smelly socks!
Sometimes, the greatest evils are olfactory.
Three animals with horns-- a unicorn, a Texas longhorn cow, and a rhino-- play the horns (an assortment of brass instruments).
Shockingly, I am not a zoologist.
A witch with a PhD in classical studies talks to a friend.
I told the witch doctor I was in love with you, and she said "Amo Amas Amat Amamus Amatis Amant."
Two clouds type on their computers in this pun on cloud computing.
This is the totality of everything I know about technology.
In this pun on rock opera, two opera stars since arias about rocks. They sing, "Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary! Mineral aggregates are often complimentary!"
The most (geo)logical art form
A magician pauses with a saw in his hand. He is about to saw in half his assistant, who is a cow. But we must remember - don't halve a cow!
From my forthcoming book "Sensible Advice for Magicians"