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In this pun on the great deep-fried fair food, funnel cake, we see a woman eating cake through a funnel.
This is how/what I eat now. (Who am I kidding? This is how/what I’ve always eaten.)
In this pun on Ayn Rand's book Atlas Shrugged, we see an atlas - as in a world map - shrugging.
This is what that book is about, right?
In this comparison cartoon, we see the Zombie Apocalypse (zombies chasing after a human, presumably for the brains) next to the Zombie Acropolis (zombies in ancient Greek garb at the Athens market)
Trying to learn lessons from the past to better prepare for the future
In this mashup pun between "train track" and "track and field," we see some train engines running in a track and field event.
Another idea for sports we could be watching now
In this pun on St. George slaying the dragon, we see St. George telling a joke (What did the buffalo say when his son left for college? Bison!) to a dragon, who laughs hard and says, "Oh George, you slay me!"
St. George: Patron saint of England, archers, saddle makers, sheep, and popsicle stick jokes
In this scientific pun, we see two scientists in lab coats sitting next to each other working on equations. One says to the other - "This isn't chemistry between us, it's physics." (Presumably after one made a move on the other)
In this pun on the brontosaurus, we see a dinosaur called the brawn-tosaurus, which is a chiseled dino with a six-pack of abs and swole arms lifting a 7.5 million pound weight. He wears a hat that says, "Gains 4 Lyfe " as all bros who lift must.
There’s a reason they weren’t called “braintosauruses.”
In this pun on role playing, we see roll playing - a little kid playing with dinner rolls.
A great way to gain insight into the problems facing buns or kaisers!
In this pun on computer science, the major that actually gives people skills to be software engineers and make a stable living, we see a computer with goggles surrounded by test tubes, graduated cylinders, and petri dishes, "doing" science.
Needless to say, I was an English major.
In this pun on remote learning, we see three remote controls at desks, learning various things (one reads Kurt Vonnegut, one does multiplication, the other reads a book called "Latin for Beginners").
All of our remotes are going to be so smart after all of this!