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In this pun on salsa dancing, we see two salsa dancers, who, of course, are just jars of salsa (one picante, one "hot and chunky") doing some thrilling dance moves.
Finding inspiration in the most exhilarating things happening in my life (upgrading from mild to medium salsa #thrillingtalesfromquarentine)
In this pun on the TV show Saved by the Bell, instead of Slater or Zach, we see a southern belle saving a guy from a fire.
Is this what that TV show was about?
In this pun on scraping the bottom of the barrel, we see a person arm-pit deep in a wood barrel, desperately trying to literally scrape it. It is clear that this cartoon idea isn't that great and that it is, in fact, me scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Obviously this is where the best ideas come from
In this pun on the medieval weapon the battering ram, we see a different kind of battering ram - a sheep in the kitchen (seemingly on a cooking show) holding up a raw onion saying, "Before we fry the onions, we must dip them in our mix!"
Even animals are cooking more during social distancing.
In this pun on Coleridge's poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, we see the mime of the ancient mariner, which is a guy performing charades, seemingly of an albatross around his neck, while his friends guess (poorly) what he is doing.
It’s very hard to differentiate between an albatross necklace and a pigeon necklace in charades.
In this comparison cartoon, we see a cowhide rug (a rug made of cow skin) next to "rug hide cow", which is a cow sneakily holding up an oriental rug and hiding behind it.
Has social distancing made me stoop to this level of cartoon, or is this just who I am? (I know, I know, it’s the second one.)
In this pun on the John Grisham book, The Pelican Brief, we see the pelican briefs - i.e. a pelican in briefs (aka tighty whitey underwear). I will admit that he looks distressed.
Needless to say, I have never read John Grisham.
In this cartoon about the CDC announcing what makes a good face covering at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, wee see non-CDC approved masks: clown nose, wax lips, nose glasses, orange rind in the mouth, decorative fan, paper bag with eye-holes.
A public service announcement that wax lips are not sufficient protection during this time.
In this comparison cartoon, we see roast beef next to a beef roast (one bull doing a comedy roast of another cow, saying, "Cupcake, you may actually be a holstein, but I think you're more of an A-hole-stein!")
Feeling very high-brow over here. (PS: sorry this is #nsfwfh -not suitable for work from home?)
In this pun on the movie Romancing the Stone, we see a wizard necromancing a stone. Creative liberties were taken here, of course, since necromancing is raising the dead and stones were never alive to begin with. The stone is just floating.
Not sure if the magic of “lifting a rock” counts as “raising the dead.” (NB: if you’re looking for a fun time, read the Wikipedia articles for necromancy and romancing the Stone, a movie I have never seen and whose plot i feel even more shaky on after having read the plot summary.)