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In this comparison cartoon, we see delicious Italian food treat, garlic knots, next to two adorable garlic astronauts (astronauts whose heads are garlic bulbs, ready to spread flavor to the outer reaches of the universe).
Both are out of this world!
In this pun on the stock market, we see a supermarket that just sells stocks (broths, soups, etc).
Everyone seems overly concerned about the broth store today.
In this pun on the movie and book Gone with the Wind, we see a Southern belle asking a dashing gentlemen, "Where did my pile of feathers go?" (They, of course, are gone with the wind.)
Is that what this movie is about?
In this hippo themed pokemon pun, we see various pokemon (Jigglepuff, Charzard, Squirtle, Picachu) as hippos.
HippopotaMUST catch ‘em all!
In this pun on Roger Stone (a Trump goony)'s prison sentence being shortened, we see Roger's revised prison sentence, which is a sentence Roger has written on the blackboard and edited and notated.
What a time to be alive!
We see a robot seemingly on the attack saying, "Death to all men!" and a woman looking lovingly at him in agreement. The connection was instantaneous.
Happy Valentine's Day!
In this comparison cartoon, we see a horse girl (a girl who loves everything about horses) in front of horse posters reading Black Beauty, next to a Girl horse, which is a horse that loves girls - who is reading Harriet the Spy.
Dedicated to all the girls who love horses and the horses who love girls
In this pun on organ donor, we see a funeral with a casket next to a huge church organ. The priest says, "As many of you know, Steve was an organ donor."
You can keep your kidneys, I’ll take your $200,000 musical instruments.
In this play on the movie Ghost (specifically the scene where a ghost helps someone make pottery), we see a potter being haunted by a ghost who apparently is not good at making pottery.
An ode to the movie Ghost, one of the millions of cinematic masterpieces I have not seen
In this pun on wood working, we see a piece of wood working at an office (on the computer, and on the phone saying "I'll have that report ready by 2pm.")
After hours of exposure to woodworking videos/blogs/how-tos, some people come up with beautiful furniture they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. I have come up with this asinine cartoon.