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In this comparison cartoon, we see sky scrapers next to sky neosporin (presumably to clean up all the sky boo-boos that the scrapers scrape.)
Not sure why the NYTimes isn’t covering the breaking news that, with the increase in skyscrapers, there’s been an unprecedented number of sky boo-boos.
In this pun on classic bad guy weapon, The Freeze Ray, we see the frieze ray, a weapon that creates beautiful sculpted decoration.
The most dangerous of all comic book bad guy weapons!
In this pun on the idea that people say fishing is relaxing, we see a guy and his buddy fishing. His buddy is a fish. And the fish tells the guy, "You're right -this IS relaxing."
Dedicated to the kid who told me one of his hobbies is “hanging out with my fish”
In this comparison cartoon, we see someone being mindful (meditating with crossed legs, thinking "All that matters is the here and now") versus someone who is mindless, in that a zombie ate their brain.
It’s hard to be mindful when you’ve lost your mind.
In this pun on ring leader, we see a ring (like, the jewelry) leading a group of other rings.
Reached an era where an anthropomorphic diamond ring is an enviable leader
In this pun on Sunday School, we see sundae school, where good little cones and cups presumably learn about the history of ice cream.
School is cool, especially when it is held in a freezer so the pupils don’t melt.
In this play on Trump calling President Zelensky of Ukraine asking him to dig up dirt on Biden, we see Trump playing Dream Phone - a 90s board game where you use a plastic phone to call hot boys - and asks it to dig up dirt on Biden. Oy!
[NB: Dream Phone was a board game from 1991 where you talk to hott boyz on a plastic cordless phone to figure out which one likes you.]
In this comparison cartoon, we see Star Wars character Jar Jar Binx next to bar/bar jinx, which is just two people saying "Bar" at the same time, with the one who says Jinx first presumably being owed a coke by the other.
I apologize for how asinine this is.
In this pun on the rat race, we see some rats running a race!
It’s exhausting! It’s never ending! And it’s only a 5k!
In this pun on the play turned film Frost/Nixon, we see Frosty/Nixon, which is Frosty the Snowman interviewing former president Richard Nixon.
May all serious dramas be adapted into Christmas movies!