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In this pun on the Terminator, we see the Roosterminator, which is just a terminator that is also a rooster.
I’ll be bock bock bock.
In this pun on bull fighting, we see two bulls in an argument - one blames the other saying "This is all YOUR fault!" The other fumes.
A thrilling spectator sport
In this pun on the phrase "None of my business," we see the nun of my business, which is a nun who works at a store I would have if I had a business.
Yes, this is what my business would be.
In this pun on the abominable snowman, we see the abdominable snowman, which is just a yeti/big foot with a rockin' six pack of abs.
One of the more unbelievable urban legends
In this pun on the flag waving group Color Guard, we see a guard from Buckingham palace guarding paint colors.
In lieu of writing my own thoughts on this drawing, I want to share this quote from the Wikipedia article on Color guard: “They perform using their equipment (flag, rifle, saber, prop, etc.), and emotional connections (facial expressions and dance and sometimes voice) to the audience to enhance the meaning and feeling of their show.”
In this pun on War and Peace, we see a scene from Thumb War and Peace, where two Russian generals are locked in thumb battle. The stakes are lower, but the rewards are also lower.
Hopefully this would be a much shorter book.
In this pun on Edgar Allan Poe, we see Edgar Allan Hippoe, a hippo with a Poe haircut and style who probably writes borderline scary poems.
“‘Tis some hippo,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door— Only this and nothing more.”
In this pun on sea monkey, we see a monkey in a white sailer suit, ready to set sail for the seven seas. Aye aye!
His best mate, I assume, is the chicken of the sea.
In this pun on pencil pusher, we see a number 2 pencil - who is clearly a bully - pushing a sad little pink pearl eraser.
Thank goodness for Labor Day, a day we are freed from the tyranny of these pencil bullies.
In this pun on orchestra, we see an orca-stra, which is a philharmonic symphony made up of killer whales.
The (either more or less, I can’t tell which) awe-inspiring sounds of the whales