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In this pun on famous artwork American Gothic, we see British Gothic, which is the characters from the initial painting reading British Gothic literature (Frankenstein and Rebecca) in front of a gothic cathedral.
I have never read an British gothic literature, but I imagine this is how I would react to it (look a bit bored while holding a candelabra).
In this pun on time management, we see a manager at work who is, of course, a clock.
Despite the friendly appearance, time management is very difficult.
In this pun on the opening of Vergil's Aeneid (I sing of arms and a man), we see a keyboard player singing a song about arms and a man: "I love appendages with biceps and funny bones and trice[ps/And hey what's the deal with that guy Ron?"
What a strange way to start the Aeneid. (Also I drew this before I met anyone named Ron whose deal I wondered about, so don’t take it personally if you are a Ron seeing this.)
In this pun on stradivarius violin, we see a strativarius, which is a musical violin playing rat.
The brand preferred by most rodent musicians who have a lot of cash to burn
A woman introduces her couple friends to her new boyfriend, who, it turns out, is a voodoo doll. She says, "We were spending so much time together, this next step seemed only right."
For all the folks out there who have unwittingly fallen head over heels for their voodoo dolls.
In this pun on staring daggers, we see two anthropomorphic daggers, eerily staring straight at the viewer.
Definitely one of my more haunting images
In this pun on the phrase sight for sore eyes, we see a website (grosseyeballz.com) for sore eyes. It looks like a dating website but all the photos are people with sore eyes, and their bios are like "looking for effective eye drops"
Finally, a social networking site not accused of political meddling... yet...
In this pun on pipe dream, we see a sleeping pipe dreaming of winning America's Next Top Model.
Dedicated to all the pipes out there. Never stop reaching for the stars!
In this comparison cartoon, a woman in Soul Cycle bike exercise clothes sits at a spinning wheel (for spinning wool into yarn) next to two old-timey women. The exercise woman thinks, "I'll never get why so many people like spin class."
I just want to really underscore my knowledge of exercise is quite minimal.
In this comparison carton, we see an OB-Gyn (a doctor telling a pregnant woman to push) and an OB-Gym (a trainer telling a straining weight-lifting woman to push)
Pretty much the same thing