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In this pun on orchestra, we see an orca-stra, which is a philharmonic symphony made up of killer whales.
The (either more or less, I can’t tell which) awe-inspiring sounds of the whales
In this pun on ballet, we see a sheep in a tutu dancing ballet, which, when dancing by a sheep, is obviously called Baaaallet.
Can’t wait to get tickets to Rameo and Eweliet.
In this pun on quarter life crisis, we see a quarter (the 25 cent coin) having an existential crisis. He's thinking, "Is 25 cents even worth anything in this economy?)
Don’t worry, he bought a red convertible, started wearing a leather jacket and dating a penny, and now he’s totally fine.
In this pun on center of the universe, we see two women rolling their eyes as they approach a guy who clearly is very full of himself. The guy is, of course, actually a centaur. One woman says to the other, "He think's he's the centaur of the universe!"
Narcissism isn’t just a myth! (Although I guess one could argue the exact opposite. #narcissus)
In this pun on giraffe and raffle, we see giraffes at a raffle, where the MC giraffe has pulled a ticket out of the fishbowl and is announcing the winner of a neck massage!
It’s very difficult to think of non-neck-related things giraffes would want to win. (The only other thing I could come up with was leaves.)
In this pun on trout and outlaw, we see a troutlaw, which is a trout in a cowboy hat and bandana.
Wanted for armed robbery and bland flavor
In this pun on Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream, we see a sleeping person dreaming that all her teeth are falling out.
Should I write a play about this?
In this pun on Edgar Allan Poe's The Telltale Heart, we see the tell tattletale heart, which is a heart tattlling to Poe. He says: Billy ate his boogers! Maggie poked me! Jeff put a worm in Alice's hair after she spit on him!
Side note: When I substitute taught kindergarten, if kids wanted to tell on other kids, the teacher made them whisper their accusations to a print-out of President Obama that was posted at kindergartener mouth-level.
In these presidential puns, we see see tooth-forward Presidentist, hippopotamus hopeful Hippotus, the candidate who does not care about the lizard people conspiracy - Salamander in Chief, and carb-forward Bread of State.
Pleased to announce the cartoons that did enough fundraising to formally declare their candidacy for presidential nomination. All are former pundits and current puns. Stay tuned for more as they fight for your vote.
In this pun on Gulliver's Travels, we see his travels (Gulliver getting tied down by the Lilliputians) versus his travel instagram (a closeup photo of him winking with the caption "Living the island life @ Lillput #wanderlust #travel #never_stop_exploring
Gulliver also cleverly used social media to make us forget that his first name is Lemuel. #themoreyouknow