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In this pun on the phrase sight for sore eyes, we see a website (grosseyeballz.com) for sore eyes. It looks like a dating website but all the photos are people with sore eyes, and their bios are like "looking for effective eye drops"
Finally, a social networking site not accused of political meddling... yet...
In this pun on pipe dream, we see a sleeping pipe dreaming of winning America's Next Top Model.
Dedicated to all the pipes out there. Never stop reaching for the stars!
In this comparison cartoon, a woman in Soul Cycle bike exercise clothes sits at a spinning wheel (for spinning wool into yarn) next to two old-timey women. The exercise woman thinks, "I'll never get why so many people like spin class."
I just want to really underscore my knowledge of exercise is quite minimal.
In this comparison carton, we see an OB-Gyn (a doctor telling a pregnant woman to push) and an OB-Gym (a trainer telling a straining weight-lifting woman to push)
Pretty much the same thing
In this pun on the five boroughs of New York City (Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island), we see the five burros of New York, which are 5 New Yorky donkeys (eating a bagel, being Wall Street-y, wearing statue of liberty hat, etc)
Sometimes, all it takes is a spelling error to make you feel like an ass.
In this pun on the classic joke - why did the chicken cross the road, we see a chicken priest doing the sign of the cross on a kneeling section of road.
Celebrating chicken puns on the lord’s day #🐓
In this pun on hot chick, we see a little sweating chicken under the beating hot sun who is wearing a visor and voraciously fanning herself.
Summer is officially here, and these chickens are really feeling it. #🐓
In this pun on message in a bottle, we see a massage in a bottle, which is someone performing shiatsu on a relaxed client.
The inspiration never stops when you’re surrounded by elementary schoolers who can’t quite spell!
In this mashup of umbrella and elephant, we see an elephant standing with a raised trunk holding an umbrella.
Much less difficult to misplace
In this comparison cartoon, we see someone proposing a toast by raising a glass next to someone proposing marriage TO a slice of toast.
“Why do we need to memorize the prepositions? What’s the point of them, anyway?” -A fifth grader