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In this pun on Gulliver's Travels, we see his travels (Gulliver getting tied down by the Lilliputians) versus his travel instagram (a closeup photo of him winking with the caption "Living the island life @ Lillput #wanderlust #travel #never_stop_exploring
Gulliver also cleverly used social media to make us forget that his first name is Lemuel. #themoreyouknow
In this pun on the idiom let sleeping dogs lie, we see two dogs asleep in a bunk bed, spouting lies as they sleep. The dog on top says, "I definitely have a girlfriend, but she lives in Canada." The bottom dog says, "Yes, I absolutely ate your homework."
But all awake dogs must be held to a higher standard of honesty.
In this chart of bagel puns, we see plays on different types of bagel toppings - with everything, we have anything and something. With sesame and poppy seed, bird seed and grass seed. There's whole and half wheat, pumpernickel, -dime, and -quarter.
I'll have a toasted pumperdime with scallion cream cheese.
In this celebration of bagels, we see a bagel depicted ala Mary of Guadalupe, shining bright while being held up by a cherub.
The holiest and the hole-iest of foods
In this pun on pyramid scheme, we see two pyramids making sneaky plans together. One says to the other, "Get a fishing rod, an old shoe, and a bag of marbles, and meet me out back at 10pm."
All schemes (pyramid or otherwise) inspired by Kenan and Kel
In this comparison cartoon, we see a stationery bike next to bike stationary, a pile of personalized pens, envelopes, and letters all "From the Desk of Mr. Bikey McWheelerson"
Wishing the gym were just a place to hold written correspondences with bicycles
In this pun on amnesia, we see hamnesia-  a hunk of ham with a complete lack of memory, who is thinking, "What day is it? How did I get here? Since when was I honey-baked?"
If I’ve learned anything from TV (which is my source of all knowledge), this can be cured by a hit on the head with a frying pan.
In this pun on monkey business, we see a monkey in a suit  with a briefcase ready for business. He says, "I'll trade stock options for bananas!" which is about the same amount of financial acumen that I possess as a human.
This is my financial advisor.
In this pun on pig pen, we see a pig using a pen with a little pig eraser on the end to write a letter to a friend. The letter just says, "Oink oink oink oink."
Getting ready for school supply season
In this comparison cartoon, we see a person in a beret and smock with a paint brush and palette. She says, "I paint! I'm a painter!" Next to her, we see a dresser (the furniture) with a drawer pulled out, which says, "I draw! Therefore I am a drawer!"
The English language, explained