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In this pun on the beginning of Iliad, we see Homer approaching a moose with a guitar. Homer corrects the moose - "No, I said sing oh MUSE." The moose looks despondent.
I’m sure a moose would do a fine job singing about the rage of Achilles if given the chance.
In this pun on cephalopod and podiatrist, we see a squid foot doctor checking out an octopus' tentacle. The squid says, "The problem with your foot seems to be the fact that you don't have feet."
Definitely worth the four years of intensive schooling
In this pun on snake charmer, we see a charming snake courting another snake, saying "You look ssssstunning!"
Preferable to the rude anacondas from Sir Mix-a-Lot’s raps
In this pun on Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle, we see Ripped Van Winkle, an old guy with a long beard, asleep under a tree, who, with his six pack and toned muscles, is very fit.
Oh, to fall asleep for 20 years and wake up toned!
In this comparison cartoon, we see a person walking the plank on a pirate ship next to them doing a plank at a gym. It's a toss-up over which is worse.
A really difficult would-you-rather
In this pun on thinking cap, we see a pensive Von Dutch trucker hat thinking, "What is the meaning of life? Are hats even alive?"
I guess this probably is not what trucker hats really think about.
In this pun on the carnival game the cake walk, we see two cakes walking.
I can’t tell if this is healthy or not.
In this pun on cabin fever, we see a cabin suffering from a fever. Don't worry, he has an icepack on his head, a thermometer in his mouth, and we can only assume he dutifully took Tylenol right after this picture was drawn.
Probably related to the house that had shingles
In this comparison cartoon, we see Chicken Little (saying the sky is falling!) next to Chicken Big (saying Ow! I just bumped by head on the sky!)
Oh Lordy why do I do this? #asininechickenpuns
In this pun on foul ball, we see a chicken playing baseball.
Stay tuned for a run of “Asinine Chicken Puns not deemed good enough for the initial run of Asinine Chicken Puns, which were, by definition, already asinine”