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In this pun on baking technique of giving a pastry an egg wash, we see a parent chicken bathing its baby egg in a bath.
A technique I learned from the Great British Bokking Show
In this pun on foul language, we explore fowl language, i.e. words spoken by chickens. Unfortunately, it's not that expansive, as the only word they say is "Bok."
No four letter words here.
In this pun on the bad dreams nightmares, we see the Night Mare, a horse cozily celebrating nighttime by snuggling up in bed with a classic book, Misty of Chincoteague.
Not sure why people aren't more into these
In this play on the book/movie Gone with the Wind, we see "Gong with the Wind," a person standing at the ready to hit a gong once the breeze starts going. Yes, I do realize how asinine this is.
I would watch a 3 hour 42 minute movie about this.
In this pun on goosebumps (the thrilling phenomenon when your skin raises up), we see goose bumps- two geese giving each other a fist pump. Much less scary (or more, depending on if you are afraid of geese or not)
Not sure why R. L. Stine wrote so extensively about this
In this pun on the coffee chain Starbucks, we see literal star bucks - bills featuring star-puns of the people featured on them: a 5 with Milky Waybraham Lincoln, a 10 with Galax-ander Hamilton, and a 100 with Big Bang-jamin Franklin.
Despite the vastness of the universe and the abundance of organisms (at least on our planet), I still think the intergalactic counsel will agree that these (mostly non-) presidents from the US should represent us on currency.
In this comparison cartoon, we see an upright bass - just a person playing the instrument - next to an uptight bass, a bass chastising its bassist for gripping it so tight and not plucking with precision. Anyway, sentient instruments are a bad idea.
Instruments, explained.
In this pun on the fourth of July tradition of fire works, we see Fire Works: a flame doing a job at a laptop talking on the phone to its boss promising to have a deck done by noon.
This may be scary to your dog if your dog believes that all employees deserve the day off.
In this pun on the art deco skyscraper, New York City's Empire State Building, we see the Umpire State Building, a building that is also a baseball umpire. It shouts, "Yerrrrr.... out!"
I may or may not have thought this was the actual name of this building for shockingly too long.
In this pun on the medical procedure of getting blood drawn, we see a doctor and a patient with a rolled up sleeve, ready for the syringe to take blood. The doctor holds  paper with a drawing of blood cells on it "No I was going to to DRAW blood."
This is the kind of medical care my health insurance covers.