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In this pun on treasure map, we see a map and a guy at the marriage altar. Map promised to treasure Rick. And Rick promises to... treasure map.
There is no road map for love. But apparently, there can be love for Road Map.
In this pun on Dodge Ram (the truck), we see it interpreted as a more aggressive version of dodge ball - but instead of balls, the kids are throwing rams at each other. Of course, it is chaotic, much like the premise of this cartoon.
Just when you thought Dodge Ball couldn't get more aggressive
In this pun on the silk road, we see a construction worker talking to a city official to show off a completed transportation infrastructure project. That project, of course, being a series of roads made out of silk. The only downside is it's dry-clean only.
Moments in history, explained
In this pun on back-end web developers, we see a spider at a job interview that is for a software engineer. The spider says, "I'm exclusively a back-end web developer," because, of course, spiders develop webs out of their back ends.
Forget worrying about robots taking our jobs- the real threat is spiders!
In this pun on sleep hygiene, we see a person double tasking: sleeping while taking a shower.
To sleep, perchance to clean- ay, there’s the scrub!
In this pun on bird watcher, we see a bird who is a watcher (rather than a person who watches birds.)
Who watches the bird watchers? (Birds.)
In this pun on President Abraham Lincoln, we see Abraham drinkin', which is just Lincoln slinging back drinks as he misquotes the Gettysburg Address: Four pours and seven beers ago...
One way to celebrate Presidents' Day!
In this pun on stuffed animals, we see two animals (a bear and a bunny rabbit) at a restaurant table who are completely full. The waiter comes over offering dessert, but the bear declines-  they are absolutely... stuffed.
Not sure why children sleep with these (although I guess it’s notably safer than sleeping with hungry animals)
In this play on Gabriel Garcia Marquez' book "Love in the Time of Cholera," we see four other book recommendations (if you like this, you'll love...): Love in the Time of Collars, ...time of Caller ID, ...the time of Collard Greens, ... of College Board.
All of these sound like books I would read.
In this pun on NPR (national public radio), we see Hen P R, Hen Public Radio - two chickens sit at the radio desk saying "You're listening to all wings considered."
Ah, the dulcet tones of vocal fry and clucking!