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In this pun on the game hot potato, we see a hot (as in "attractive") potato, whatever that means. Personally, I find all potatoes attractive and would eat one at almost any time of any day.
Oh geez, sorry about this.
In this pun on the Truman Capote book title, "In Cold Blood," we see a person sitting in what looks like a hot tub, but it is filled with, you guessed it, cold blood. She does not seem happy with the situation.
Why, no, I haven’t read any Truman Capote. Why do you ask?
In this pun on a sports bar, we see a sporks bar - a bar with two sporks as patrons discussing whether they are team fork or team spoon.
I am shocked to learn that I have more to say about sports than about sporks (though, admittedly, not much more.)
In this pun on the song tea for two, we see the number 2 at a coffee shop. The barista calls out his order - an Earl Grey tea. It seems it's a tea for Two.
It turns out most of the other numbers are coffee drinkers.
In this pun on art therapy (a therapeutic modality that involves expression through art), we see art therapy in the sense that a famous work of art (Munch's The Scream) is in therapy. The therapist says, "You can let it out here. This is a safe space."
My favorite therapeutic modality (screaming)
In this pun on reincarnation, we see someone whose reincarnation played out as them being... a carnation. The carnation thinks, "I thought I'd AT LEAST be a daffodil."
Reincarnation is, I can only assume, when you are reborn as a carnation.
In this pun on clip art, we see famous works of art with the people replaced with paper clips. We see The Scream, a Matisse collage, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Andy Warhol's Marilyn, and the Birth of Venus.
The most elevated form of art

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In this pun on the wacky dance craze, the Chicken Dance, we see the chicken dance-  a pair of graceful chickens dancing ballets. What, if chickens are doing any type of dance, isn't that considered at least A chicken dance?
Forget Swan Lake, it’s all about Chicken Lake.
In this pun on the new year's resolution to make new friends, we see someone literally making a new friend - i.e. a made scientist making a Frankenstein's monster. She says, "It's alive! And just in time to join my book club!"
Unfortunately, my book club is reading Frankenstein, so hopefully this isn’t too awkward.
In this pun on a hen party (what British people called bachelorette parties), we see a candidate (who is a chicken) from the hen party, a political party that supports a free-range future with affordable coops and accessible feed.
A British tradition I clearly don't understand