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In this pun on Pokemon and cowpoke (aka cowboys), we see cowpokemon - Pokemon dressed in wild west wear. We see Pikachu, Diglett, Psychduck, and Charzard donning their western apparel.
Gotta lasso 'em all, pardner.
In this play on a publicity campaign by the NYC Department of Sanitation to "send rats packing" by putting out garbage later, we see an ad campaign to send rats packing by giving them a rollerboard suitcase and teaching them how to pack efficiently.
Thankful the NYC Sanitation Department is teaching rats some important life skills! #sendratspacking
In this pun on the modern art of cubist Picasso, we see four of Picasso's portraits of women, all with tooth picks in their mouths - i.e. Tooth Pick-asso.
Plaques belong under art, not in teeth.

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In this pun on the tax terminology "filing jointly," we see two people filing their nails together (or "jointly") with one very long nail file.
Apparently, people get married just to do their nails together.
In this play on "Great Horned Owl," we see a great horned owl next to just-an-okay horned owl, who has not caught any prey but IS ready "Eat Pray Love."
Bird Taxonomy, explained
In this pun on software designer, we see a person (who is clearly a fashion designer, wheeling in a clothing rack of very fluffy and soft looking garments) enter a tech startup office. The person says, "I'm here for the interview. I'm a soft wear designer
Do I use python? No, snake skin is not a soft enough material for my work.
In this pun on the part of US Geography "The Great Plains," we see four great airplanes, all with different claims to fame: One was on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, one is in the NBA, one is Secretary of State, and one danced in a Justin Bieber video.
Unsure why the US Geological Survey felt we needed to know about these
In this pun on the phrase "Happy Spring!," instead of a celebration of the changing of the seasons or the equinox, we see a coil spring who looks very content.
Much more enjoyable to be around than Melancholy Lever
In this pun on medicine cabinet, we see a cabinet (as in advisors to the president - Secretaries of Labor, HUD, Ed, and Defense) but every member is medication. One pill pack says, "These are our recs, but know they may cause drowsiness."
If any of these members use their power illegally, they WILL be brought to (clinical) trial.
In this play on therapy and singer Cher, we see Cher as a therapist asking her client, "Do you even believe in life after love?"
It should be noted that it may not be healthy to dwell on thoughts like "if I could turn back time..."