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In this play on the fact that it is hard to draw horses, we see a horse struggling to draw a person.
Needless to say, my cover art submission for Misty of Chincoteague was respectfully declined.
In this pun on party fowl, we see some fowl (a pheasant, turkey, and chicken)  at a party, which, because of my life experience, is a children's birthday party.
Well, the first thing I think of when I think of “party” is a 4-year-old birthday party, and if that isn’t a “How My 2018 Was” reflection, I don’t know what is.
In this play on the book the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, we see a dragon with a girl tattoo.
I don’t know if this book would be more or less scary.
A girl loving holds her dolly - which is a Salvador Dali dolly.
For next year's Christmas list

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In this pun on nesting dolls, we see Russian nesting dolls nesting by getting a baby room ready.
Obviously the baby will just be a smaller identical version.
In this pun on computer mouse, we see a mouse from the Geek Squad who is clearly not working.
Technical difficulties
In this pun on greeting card, we see a queen of clubs playing card who is also a greeter for Walmart.
Even [card] monarchs need side hustles.
Some of the greatest acts of multitasking I've accomplished: Studying while diagnosing myself, tutoring math while financial planning, leading dance games while doing cardio, winking while testing my vision.
I have an hour before my final exam, so what better time to reflect on all the anxiety disorders I’ve diagnosed myself with in preparation for this event!
In this pun on the ginger bread man, we see a red-head selling bread - a ginger bread man!
Run, run as fast as you can [after eating a loaf of sourdough and 4 bagels]
In this play on the news item from December 2018 that Maria Butina was accused of being a Russian agent, we see that she was actually accused of being a travel agent.
I assume this is the kind of agent they were talking about.