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In this pun off the Cher classic, "If I could turn back time," we see me, as a bouncer, turning away time (a clock) for not being on the list.
If only...
In this pun on the straw that broke the camel's back, we see a camel with a broken back staring at a police lineup. All the culprits are straws, and the camel i.d.s the perp.
One more reason to ban straws
In this pun on number two pencils, we see a pencil named Archie on the victor's stand's second place step, lamenting the fact that he is always number two (like a number two pencil). Oy.
Pencil Problems
In this pun on carbon dating, we see two carbon molecules on a date.
The most romantic way to determine the age of an object
In this pun on transcendentalism and dental work, we see a dentist read from Ralph Waldo Emerson's Nature and tell her patient, "The organization of your teeth is corrupting the individuality of your top canine!"
My insurance also doesn’t cover this.
In this pun on the ski term bunny slope, we see the mathematical slope-intercept formula, except the m slope variable is replaced by a fuzzy bunny.
For those just learning to graph lines
In this pun on melon baller, we see a piece of watermelon who is also a baller - basketball player, that is.
The tool you didn’t know you needed
In this pun on shake that ass girl, we see a girl holding a donkey over her head and giving him a shake. He does not look pleased. I don't know why some people find this so attractive.
Shake ya ass, but watch yourself. #nsfw
In this comparison cartoon, we see an angler fish, one of the ocean's most frightening creatures, next to a trianglar fish, which is a pointier and less scary version.
Marine biology, explained
In this pun on nose job, we see a nose working a desk job.
Unfortunately, I just have a nose unpaid internship.