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In this pun on the TV show The Dog Whisperer, we see a woman whispering to a dog, "Can you keep a secret?"
A much different, but no less enjoyable, tv show premise
In this jab at those people in vests who stop you on the street corner asking if you have a minute for human rights, we see one of those workers stopping a passerby, who happens to be a robot. Robots, of course, have no time for human rights.
A glimpse into what jobs will be like during the robot revolution
In this pun on fantasy football draft. we see a fantasy foot draft, which includes a foot with a tattoo, a baby's foot,  a smelly foot, and a foot wearing toe socks.
In honor of the last day of fantasy football (I think?)
In this comparison cartoon, we see the goose that laid the golden egg from Jack and the Beanstalk looking very content, next to the goose that passed the golden kidney stone, who looks quite disturbed.
I feel like excreting a metal isn’t ever a great thing.
In this pun on the hit song/dance craze The Electric Slide, we see an electric slide, which is a playground slide that shocks kids as they go down it.
Boogie woogie woogie
In this pun on earth worm, we see a down-to-earth worm, which is a worm who is very grounded and buys his socks at the Dollar Store.
This now seems down-to-earth to me after spending the weekend working parties where guests were wearing $5,000 fanny packs.
In this pun on ball pits, we see a basketball lifting its arms to reveal some smelly armpits. This is shockingly less gross than an actual ball pit.
Just what you want at a children’s birthday party
In this pun on dance the night away, we see someone dancing the knight away. Their cool disco moves are making the nearby knight uncomfortable to the point where he leaves.
The solution to every problem is disco.
In this pun on fish sticks, we see fish schticks - a fish performing its comedy routine at an open mic.
For all the funny fish out there
In this comparison cartoon, we see a dog panting next to a dog wearing pants.
One is a sign of healthy canine functioning, the other is a waste of denim.